Psychic Pollution

Psychic Pollution

 Victoria, British Columbia, CAN
BandEDMNew Age

Psychic Pollution songs consist of ambient layered music applying film sound techniques and various song writing elements.


Jzero Schuurman has been a fixture in the Calgary music scene for the last 7 years. His musical abilities have been tapped by some of the greatest bands to come out of Calgary. Bands such as Jane Vain and the Dark Matter, Grandfather Fire and the Holy Morning, Gutterawl, The Lonely Hunters and Lucid 44. With these bands and his solo project Jzero has criss-crossed this country many times playing many different venues and clubs. An experienced musician in all aspects Jzero had put Psychic Pollution on the back burner in order to focus on bigger projects. Lately he has made the decision to work hard and build a name for himself not only as a back up musician but as a front man for his own project. A film grad knowledgeable with most instruments from keys to flute to drums, Jzero has spent time chizelling out his own sound in the Canadian music scene. Using ambient heavy DIY recordings the music produced can be included in anyones life soundtrack. 1998 saw the release of his first Self titled LP. Jzero's music falls within many different genres. His set is tailored for each event. Commissioned for noize pieces, gallery exhibits, soundtracks and theatre, Jzero's music runs the gamut. Some songs are dark and thought provoking while others play with relationship topics and social interactions. A veteran of the indie rock scene and a true professional. Now a resident of Victoria British Columbia. Jzero will be working even harder to promote himself on the West coast playing festivals, creating installations and continually recording.


A Passing Romance

Written By: J. Schuurman

Across the room she glances at me
Unaware, I don't notice her stare
Soon I find myself sitting as two
with her at my side
Romance is new to us

We speak random small talk
I feel a stirring in my heart
A feeling rarely felt
A feeling scarcely remembered

Soon we are in engaged in conversation
My brain lights up with all the things we can tell each other
Then I remember, there's a another

A close friend
My moral element is low and thoughts about as I smell her hair while she whispers in my ear

For a feeling so rare I can't resist
She has to know
My lips don't move, my last memory
a beautiful smile and a missed opportunity


Kat-5 EP first single released in 2007
Psychic Pollution-S/T LP
released late 2008, has been in rotation in Radio stations all over Canada.

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