Psychic Saviors

Psychic Saviors

 Raleigh, North Carolina, USA

Alt-folk acoustic based trio from Raleigh, North Carolina.


Raleigh, North Carolina's Psychic Saviors is an Alt-Folk band whose influences span the history of American Roots Music. From Guthrie to Dylan to Springsteen to Earle, Psychic Saviors weave the influence of their forefathers throughout their debut e.p. with a unique blend of pop and tradition.
Formed in the fall of 2009 from the ashes of the now defunct Raleigh rock band, Burning Rays, Psychic Saviors has stripped their music down to the bone. With a nod to the past and a look towards the future, the band has recorded a five song e.p. that rings with a simple honesty. Their narrative songwriting style hearkens back to the days when troubadours like Joni Mitchell and Phil Ochs roamed the streets of Greenwich Village.


The Leaving Kind

Written By: John Bartholow

I'll be leaving at 2am
I won't be coming back around again
I'm getting out of town fast as i can
I got leaving on my mind

It's been nice now I'll see you around
I gotta blow this two horse border town
I'll be half way to Mexico by sundown
I got leaving on my mind
And baby, I'm the leaving kind

Don't you wonder if I worry
Don't you wonder if I care
Don't live your life in such a hurry
Baby sometimes life just isn't fair

Don't come looking for me no more
Because I ain't what you been looking for
I know the games your playing and I know the score
You got heartbreak on your mind
I tried hard to love you baby
And I wound up half way to crazy
Like a lovesick outlaw, guns blazing
I got leaving on my mind
And baby, I'm the leaving kind

Road To Hell

Written By: John Bartholow

They say that smoking causes cancer
Well, so does drinking water
And that RFID chip under your skin
Looks like a tumor
If you can't get to sleep at night
Or you feel kinda down sometimes
They got pills to make you feel just right

Well, nothing's like it used to be
In America, land of the free and brave
Homeland security is watching you
So smile and wave
Don't question their authority
Unless you never want to see
The light of day break through the trees again

What's this world coming to
When everything is bad for you
And everybody looks at you
Like you're the one who needs a clue
Those TV preachers and politicians
Are just alike, they've got a mission
The road to hell is paved with good intentions

World War Three

Written By: John Bartholow

I watched a once great nation as it crumbled under tyranny
And no one seemed to question weather this was a conspiracy
And as the man in charge climbed up the rubble with a megaphone
An angry nation lusting for revenge got more than they had hoped

And I heard the voiceless millions calling out to me
And I saw a faceless nation lose identity
And I felt the rush of freedom in their slavery
Boys, get your guns it's world war three

I watched man against all odds restore the hope a nation lost
A groundswell of support rose from the streets to take him to the top
But, as the mask came off the millions woke up to reality
And realized they'd been swept up in the cult of personality


Psychic Saviors - a five song e.p. / Released worldwide through iTunes

Set List

The Witness
Future Perfect
Patriot Act
Old, Tired Friend
Call To Arms
Road To Hell
The Leaving Kind
You're The Reason
World War Three
Dirty Harry
The World Outside