Psychic Stunts

Psychic Stunts


Psychic Stunts plays quirky modern pop where great moments in lyrics meet catchy melodies. Someone said that this is how it would sound like if David Byrne and Jonathan Richman where the front men of Hot Chip or Postal Service. The Swedish duo perform live gigs that really are something else.


To experience Sweden’s Psychic Stunts live is to experience a whole other state of being. The Psychic Stunts live show is really something else – a truly interactive experience and a party for your senses, where you cut loose and float away on melodies irresistible to the crowd sing-a-long, while your eyes take in the visual delight of the band dressed as bouncing karaoke balls. Lyrics are projected overhead via a retro OHP inviting the audience to partake in a favourite Swedish tradition – the crowd sing-a-long.

To experience Psychic Stunts live is to be hosted through a global journey including litany of tirades, poetic anecdotes, and short stories about love, life and whatever backed by an infectious beat. Drawing inspiration from their “real” jobs as “some kind of management consultants”, Psychic Stunts have created an unparalleled experience representing urban life in the 21st century. What the band describe as an “experience, instead of a concert” is a PowerPoint-presentation with a pop twist. You have to see it.

Psychic Stunts embrace all things digital as much as they embrace their audiences. As a salute to their army of fans, the band has made live sing-a-long recordings from a gig, mixed it into the track, which was then launched as a worldwide digital release from the stage direct to the Internet.

Lately, Psychic Stunts have been working on the imminent release of their latest album, the band’s second, scheduled for release in March/April 2013. The 2009 debut album ‘Panic in Motion’ features the smash hit “Speaker’s Block”, party anthem “Wind Up the Sound” and laid-back pop gem “Kiss Right”. In 2012, the band released the single “I Don’t Have Facebook,” – a musing on how much harder it is to find the one you are looking for if you aren’t on Facebook.

With lyrics that are both poetic and descriptive, the Psychic Stunts sound captures emotion, passion and life in a sensational and colourful blend that just makes you want to dance. Then laugh. Then cry. Then dance again. But most of all, it makes you want to sing.

To experience Psychic Stunts live is to step into the worlds of Joel Bergqvist and Anders Tjernblom who deliver an experience instead of a concert that you’ll tell your grandchildren about. Dedicated musicians to the core, both artists are also in other bands, Joel in The Bombhappies and Anders in Fulkultur.


Speaker's Block

Written By: Psychic Stunts

I know how things start and where they end
Know how to stay straight and how to bend
I’ve visited the corners of the world
But tonight I’ve set my eyes on you girl

Do do do do do do you want to
Da da da da da da dance with me
Now I got a little nervous
I will have a drink and
Ask you once again, hey…

Danger is a middle name I’ve earned
You should hear these catchy phrases I have learned
But my tongue gets tied when you suddenly show up
And it’s like I have speaker’s block


Wind Up the Sound

Written By: Psychic Stunts

Working days are over
Led to nowhere
Did nothing else but grind us down
Now we’re looking for something
All but nothing
To turn our weariness around

We’re looking for action
Some distraction
A “never going back”
No more talk about labor
Good behavior
It’s a self-destructive track

So wind up the sound
As a substitute for love
We dance like we always do, we always do
As a substitute for love
Wind up the sound
As a substitute for love
We drink like we always do, at half past two
As a substitute for love
Hanging out with the shadows
Of the shallows
Heading for Karl Johans torg
There is something within us
That continues
To dry out our thirsty tongues

There under the bridges
By the sea lock
We swill another low class drink
Like panic in motion
Like erosion
We all know this place will sink


Kiss Right

Written By: Psychic Stunts

Your kisses come with a feeling of uncertainty
Effortless, sloppy and wet, not arousing and sweet
There are many resources; websites, books and videos
With simple instructions on how you can kiss like a pro

You make your lips come closer
You meet my tongue
But I’m going under
(You should know how I want it so…)

My believes are trembling
You’re having fun
But I’m going under
(Now I’m low and you made me so…)

Kiss right
Kiss right
Start it out slow, kick it up then make it burn out and squeal
Changes in intensity is an important key
Learning to kiss is one thing you can’t do overnight
It takes some practice and patience to get it all right


Just close your eyes, you’ll see it’s alright
You can sit and relax so calm and quiet
Oh oh oh oh, why don’t you see it?

Just smile and wink, and take a deep breath
You will feel your heartbeat rock your chest
Oh oh oh oh, kiss like you mean it


Something to Tell My Kids When They’re 18

Written By: Psychic Stunts

Four blocks up, eight blocks down
I need somebody who can tell directions
I don’t like this part of town
It is bloated with intersections
And I find this street far too steep
Like a long and painful slope
I need to roam back to home
I’m not doing good for anyone

I spared no means last night
Now I’m tired, lost, my clothes are crumpled
We faked a kung fu fight
Then we got into a drinking battle
I made a vow most honestly
Not to spend the night with you
But it was lost in loads of wine
And in bubbles of shampoo

I need some morals to believe in
Something to tell my kids when they’re 18
I need some standard I can follow
Manners to suit me when I’m older

(I need something wise)

There are three words in “I love you”
It’s such an easy way to build relations
I used that phrase with you
No, I’m not proud of that conversation
Yeah, I’ve messed it up like a million times
I always call to take it back
No, I wish I were a better man
I will start some day soon
Yeah, I will start some day soon
…I think…


(I need something wise to tell my kids when I’m older)

The Pressure

Written By: Psychic Stunts

I met you for the first time
At the camp of the Left Youth League
You were a vegetarian
It tasted strange to kiss you
Maybe cause you ate different food
Than me at that time

And you asked me if I wanted to be your first
What a question for a seventeen year old boy
The only problem with the honorary task
Was that it came with a lot of pressure
A kind of pressure almost impossible to measure
For a seventeen year old boy

So of course I said yes
I was flattered by the trust you showed
By choosing me
We decided on a date
When you would come to my town
So it could happen

And you asked me if I’d done it before and I had
Yes, only once but I made it sound like a million
The only problem with the honorary task
Was that it came with a lot of pressure
A kind of pressure almost impossible to measure
For a seventeen year old boy

We tried to do it in the forest
I tried to make it good
We tried to do it on the floor but
I guess the pressure was too hard

So I asked you if you could sleep over
So we could relax and then try again

The only problem was that you had to call home
And ask your parents if you could stay
A kind of question that was doomed to get a “Nay”
And they came in a car to pick you up


I Don't Have Facebook (single) - 2012
Speaker's Block (single) - 2011
Wind Up the Sound (single) - 2010
Panic in Motion (album) - 2009
101 Pick Up Lines (EP) - 2008