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Montréal, Quebec, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2017 | SELF

Montréal, Quebec, Canada | SELF
Established on Jan, 2017
Band Rock Punk


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Psychocide @ M Bar

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Psychocide @ Brasserie A La Source Martinière

Quebec, Quebec, Canada

Quebec, Quebec, Canada

Psychocide @ Casa Del Popolo

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Montreal, Quebec, Canada



"Track Feature: "Crazy Janet" by Psychocide"

Psychocide is a punk-infused rock band created by Goldwyn Thandrayen, who is known for his solo project The Goldwyn Experiment, a project that thrived on musical collaboration. After moving to NYC from Scotland, and then eventually to Montreal this past spring, Goldwyn has been busy festering out a new and interesting sound. Now joined by Wilson Li (drums), Joey Blais (guitar) and Charlie Chain (bass), Goldwyn is eagerly pushing ahead with Psychocide as the band prepares to launch a few more singles before the EP's release next year. - Samantha Stevens


Psychocide, the rock band with a bit of a punk twist (don’t get them confused with punk-rock or pop-punk), have dropped their latest music video for the song “Paranoia” in anticipation of their upcoming album Alcohol & Bad Decisions, which is due out March 3, 2017. The Canadian rockers have been hard at work recording with master engineer Christian Cummings (U2, Blink 182, The Used), and “Paranoia” represents a significant shift forward for the band.

The song itself strikes a perfect balance of hard rock and punk influences and puts on full display the outfit’s angsty ferocity. The video, while it represents an interesting concept, feels a bit disjointed from the track. That’s not to say that the video is bad, in fact, the cinematography and actual video quality are quite refreshing, but it just feels like there is a video that has this song playing in the background; neither one holds significant meaning for the other….yet. - Emily Famularo

"Punk With Riffs: Psychocide – “Crazy Janet”"

What a crazy ass band. I love them. Psychocide consists of Goldwyn Thandrayen – Guitar/Vocals; Joey Blais – Guitar; Wilson Li – Drums; and Charlie Chain – Bass. They claim to be rejects from the circus who decided to form a band, and who I am to disagree. All I know is this; they write great songs with riffs galore and tremendous lyrics as the following from “Crazy Janet” - AudioFuzz

"Psychocide: Temporary Friends single review"

Self-proclaimed “circus” rockers Charlie Chain, Wilson Li and Goldwyn Thandrayen originally came together as Street Named Desire in New York a little over four years ago before rebranding themselves as Psychocide and relocating to Canada to conquer the crowds on the Montreal music scene. Inspired by the likes of Audioslave, System of a Down and Soundgarden, the adroit trio have managed to amass thousands of followers between Facebook and Twitter thanks to their delightfully distinctive take on the genre of rock.

Now they’re getting ready to kick the hype train into high gear in the run up to the release of their highly-anticipated debut record by unleashing a brand new track entitled “Temporary Friends”. Also featuring the talents of guitarist Joey Blais, the superbly peppy punk piece explodes to life via a volley of vigorous riffs ahead of the captivatingly characterful first verse. The music remains animated underneath an enticingly expressive serenade as the whole thing trots tenaciously towards an enchantingly rambunctious chorus.

A quick and quirky second stanza follows from here, maintaining a mirthful ambience on the way to an eruption of endearingly deft guitars and spectacularly spirited percussion. This sets the scene for a fantastically fiery final refrain, which becomes increasingly energetic as it bounces bracingly in the direction of a suitably steadfast stopping point.

Psychocide have spawned a seductively spry combination of pop, rock and punk here that expels plenty of power and passion as it plays out. If the rest of the material on their upcoming inaugural album is even half as enlivening as “Temporary Friends”, then enthusiasts are in for a true treat when it drops for download on March 3rd. - PureMzine


Though their songs are powered by familiar riffs, Montreal-based Psychocide is a band with an eccentric, “screw loose” fun factor that keeps things interesting. Case in point: the “vocal flutter” that singer Goldwyn employs on “Crazy Janet”; it is altogether unique and well matched to his guitarist’s speedy, accurate solo. The garagey-punk “Paranoia” has dynamic touches that take the hooky song high and low. (We’d love to hear it in a live setting.) With its stabbing, herky-jerky beat, “Street Named Desire” challenges the entire band, but they all stay right on time and remain tight as hell every step of the way. Psychocide might want to approach anime and game developers about soundtrack opportunities. - Music Connection


Telling the story of a variety of characters that will eventually star in a comic book, “Temporary Friends” is a piece of a larger whole. We aren’t sure how Alcohol & Bad Decisions will be thematically brought together, but we do hope for more interesting stories and guitar solos that catch the attention of Christian Cummings and others. - Impose Magazine

"Indie Rock Mixtape 10"

Rebellious, in your face and a nice blend of punk rock melodies that dwells in the world of the uniquely alternative and simply enticing. Listen to that powerful guitar riff and let the rest of the instruments become one with it as the voice gives the track shape and form. This track and this band are a wonderful new discovery that are sure to give us a 2017 to remember them for. - Wolf In a Suit

"Psychocide’s debut album Alcohol and Bad Decisions plays like an encyclopaedia of pop-rock from the last three decades."

The opening track, “Crazy Janet,” roars right out of the 80s with its Motley Crue inspired riff. “Mary” takes elements from the 80s as well, sounding like Depeche Mode and Bon Jovi got together and jammed. From there, “Crossing Guard” takes us into the 90s with punk similar to The Offspring or Pennywise, while “Dear Alice” sounds like a slightly happier Type O Negative. The chorus of “Brotherman” hits that “Smells Like Teen Spirit” hook a little too closely and the melodic interlude in “Breaking Bad” sounds like it could be a nod to Avenged Sevenfold or Metallica.

With all these influences, however, Psychocide most closely resembles— and I say this with the highest praise— Rx Bandits. “Street Named Desire,” the penultimate track and probably my favourite on the entire record, would fit right in on The Resignation. These Montreal boys know how to craft tight melodies around subtle rhythms in the same way as those California guys.

The place this record falters, though, is that it feels like they’re relying a little too heavily on past blueprints. This is a very impressive debut, and definitely a band to watch out for, but their original sound needs to be developed more.

While everything sounds tight and all four members deserve tons of compliments, the standout award has to go to lead vocalist Goldwyn Thandrayen. Well, actually, the award goes to the artist who designed most of their cover art. That shit is brilliant could become Maiden-level iconic with all its American Anime style horror drawings. But, Thandrayen’s strong delivery coupled with hooks that stick in your head immediately are worthy of the MVP mention. - Bucket list

"Montreal Rockers, Psychocide, Release Debut Album – ‘Alcohol & Bad Decisions’"

Montreal Rockers, Psychocide, are the dose of extremely high-energy Rock & Roll that you need in your life. Riding the high from the release of their debut album, ‘Alcohol & Bad Decisions’, the young and promising band has just begun their journey onto the other side. Kicking off with the first track, “Crazy Janet”, the guys share what they are all about with a balls-to-the-wall dose of lyrical spite and rebellion that aligns with an instrumental prowess that is abounding with force. “Mary” is the second track that lyrically speaks of a promiscuous soul that leads her life out of control and always on the move which creates an addictive high for the guys of Psychocide who jump onto her crazy train from time to time.

The third track, “Crossing Guard” is abounding with phenomenal guitar work and solos that break into a lyrical ball of fury that is aimed straight at their heart’s desire who continues to stir the pot of sin. “Mr. Suit” is the fourth track that is a hardcore comical blast aimed at those who spend 40-80 hours a week eating their satanic bosses crooked heart out after having telephone conversations with antagonistic assholes seeking a coupon for a product that is overpriced and valueless. The fifth track, “Dear Alice”, speaks of the mischief that the guys cling to and tend to lean towards throughout their ever-changing lives. “Temporary Friends” is the sixth track that explodes with monstrous guitar work that captivates listeners as the lyrical energy leans toward the battlefield in mind that comes with wasting precious time amongst fleeting friends who won’t be there at the drop of hat.

The seventh track, “Brotherman” begins with a burst of inventiveness within the guys’ shredding techniques that dazzle listeners and showcases the amount of time and hard work that they’ve put into learning and practicing their craft. “Paranoia” is the eighth track that mimics Foo Fighters back in their ‘In Your Honor’ days as lead vocalist, Goldwyn Thandrayen, steps on the toes of anybody that is in the band’s way with vocal talent that is difficult to dismiss. The ninth track, “Street Named Desire”, begins in a realm of mystery that breaks into genre-bending styles that showcases the dynamic capabilities that Psychocide carries as a whole. Closing out with “Breaking Bad”, Psychocide ends with a bang that is a cocktail of intoxicating rhythms and pure rock bliss that leaves listeners craving more of what’s to come.

‘Alcohol & Bad Decisions’ is a well-produced and high-spirited release that sets a stellar tone for the rising game-changers, Psychocide. If you’re a fan of fellow musicians and bands such as Sum 41, NOFX, Soundgarden and The Offspring, then do yourself a favor and check out what Psychocide has to offer on Soundcloud. - JESSICA GOLICH

"Psychocide – Alcohol and Bad Decisions – Album Review"

New York rockers Psychocide go fast and difficult in their music, pushing their eccentricities to a point that you’ll either love or hate. Blending a bit of psychobilly with a few off-kilter theatrics that might be best akin to My Chemical Romance, this is one band whose excitement is difficult to contain.

The band’s ability to let their raw emotions loose in pounding beats and gritty guitars is never so strong as it is on “Crazy Janet” as each high-pitched cry is more catchy than the last. A off-kilter and endlessly expressive in its flaring fills, the band is able to honestly let loose again and again in a satisfying way. Even as they subdue their excitement on “Mary” there’s a righteous sense of passion that makes the track merely as pumping.

Groove’s and a heavy rhythmic drive come over the best on something like “Mr. Suit” or “Paranoia” as their breakneck riffing falls right back into a disco drums and bass chugs. The band’s ability to flip this sense of speed and dance on and off is a constant dynamic powerhouse, making even their more ridiculous lyrics simple to overlook. “Crossing Guard” cranks this up even more as they push up the bass to make their power vocals soar, inadvertently emulating the Power Rangers theme in the best possible way.

Their sense of theatrics covers every song on the album, but it honestly infects the aesthetic on “Dear Alice” as they twist the entire track into this strange narrative journey, not . While the inconsistency of these themes is a bit jarring on a full album listen, their scope as band makes for a constantly startling record. This said, with all the fun spoken-word sections on “Temporary Friend” it’s difficult not to find the shift to reggae a bit much, merely as the genre rotating of “Breaking Bad” may be testing on a first listen. - News Puddle

"Audible Review: Psychocide Goes Wild With Their Debut Album, “Alcohol and Bad Decisions"

Have you been on the search for something that will get in your face and make you want to rock out? Well that’s what Psychocide can supply for us all. It has been a while since the world has been graced with what I like to describe as a “wild sound.” These guys are out-there, and I am absolutely loving it. They are bringing an all-out fire with their debut album Alcohol and Bad Decisions. These guys have been causing a storm in Canada and are setting their eyes on the U.S, so let’s keep a look out.

First, let me just say this has been a really well produced album! I was actually quite surprised at how well the sound came through my headphones. This really sets a high mark for a debut album. The album is absolutely strong from start to finish. It opens up with “Crazy Janet,” which is about this interesting love this guy finds in this girl, Janet. Right out of the gate, we see what the band is about. There are some sick riffs, and it is some rather tasty guitar work. This complimented greatly by the gut-crunching drum fills and explosive vocals. I also want to commend the bass work, especially on tracks like “Mr. Suit.” That song stands out, as it contains a slight funk feel, with the keys and bass lines. The party doesn’t stop there though; it never really has an absolute “come-down” moment, but there are some calm sections on tracks like “Temporary Friends” and “Dear Alice” that give us a moment to breathe, while keeping us in the groove. The backside of the album has some really stellar track, acting as good wrap up. My favorite song is actually “Breaking Bad,” which is the final track on the album. Overall, I am highly impressed.

Psychocide has made a really strong first impression, and it has me personally wanting to see what else they can dish out. You can check out Alcohol and Bad Decisions on Spotify, Bandcamp, and Souncloud. I also suggest heading over to YouTube and checking out their very impressive video content, including music videos for “Crazy Janet” and “Mary.” While you’re at it, follow and support them on various platforms across the web. Listen on and enjoy the vibes! - Shadow Tilley


November 2013 - Street Named Desire [Single]
March 2017 - Alcohol + Bad Decisions [Debut Album]
October 2018 - Hungover [EP]



Psychocide was conceived in New York City on a cold winter night in November 2012 between Brooklyn's Bushwick and Manhattan's East Village. Both well loved and well out of the wedlock, the illegitimate child of Jack Daniels and Notting Hill Bin 808 was later born in San Diego where our debut album Alcohol & Bad Decisions began to take its shape.

After the release of Alcohol & Bad Decisions in 2017, Psychocide relocated to Montreal,
Canada and is now comprised of Goldwyn Thandrayen (vocals, guitar), Wilson Li (drums), Geoff McFarlane (bass), Marc-André Glen (guitar) and the five dead bass players in the corner, kept, out of respect for the dead. The album was met with critical acclaim and after two winters of writing and scheming, a sequel was prepared, recorded and aptly dubbed: Hungover.

A rock outfit of the highest order, though nothing short of bizarre, with finely crafted
songs designed to last generations of partygoers and rouse even the sleepiest of
designated drivers. Psychocide is currently in the mixing process of our Hungover EP,
planning our tour and polishing our acrobatics for the next great games.

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