Psycho Delia v The Ward

Psycho Delia v The Ward

 London, England, GBR

Dee Plume from Robots in Disguise solo project. The music is pure. Back to basics with guitar & drums only. Classic late 70s, early 80s punk with 90s alt hooks. They are supercharged with energy and prowess live, pulling you back into what rock and roll is supposed to be! Embrace raw punk energy!


Psycho-Delia Vs The Ward are two inmates of Dedford Lodge Psychiatric Hospital, N6 who make institutionalised rock n roll music.

Each month they escape maximum security lockdown to showcase their rhythmic play-off to Londoners keen to hear melodic musings, on subjects such as physical limitation, "Short Arms, Short Legs", S&M romance "Blondie" and the bubblegum slowie "Spit Me Out". PD Vs TW are next due for a breakout this Saturday. They'll make for The Silver Bullet where they'll play their riotous short set until the authorities cart them off, to be strapped back down to their beds.


Dee Plume is one half of the hit band, Robots in Disguise. While she has been busy this year recording Robots in Disguise's 4th album, she has also been passionate about writing new music for her solo project, Psycho Delia v The Ward, with Dee Plume on Guitars and lead vocals, and Fay Buzzard on drums and backing vocals. Dee Plume is a talented, charismatic songwriter. She is tenacious and has been quite prolific with this new project. With the band under a year old, they've just started playing regular gigs and radio shows in London. With seasoned experience supporting bands ranging from Gary Numan to 80s Matchbox B-line Disaster, Dee's stage presence sets you alight. Audiences embrace the raw rock n roll and primal energy that explode off the stage. The songs are infectious with pretty melodies carrying blunt and strong lyrics. All this padded with high energy guitar and drums that get you moving!


Done writing first EP working on recording
LP is almost complete
More details to follow!

~-~-~ Songs in this EPK are currently just rough demos. ~-~-~

Set List

2 Degrees Of Separation
The Ooo & The Eee
After Sleeping
Spit Me Out
Short Arms, Short Legs
The Boy
My Own Language
I Want