Psychologist’s 2011 debut EPs (Moshi Moshi) mix bastard future pop, electronic beats and gregorian chants. The brilliant live show (2 violinists, 2 electronic wizards & Ian Woods’ thrilling vocals) featured on Channel 4's Input/Output and a collab with Stay+ (Jan 12) will proceed the debut album.


Psychologist's 2011 debut EP’s on Not Even / Moshi Moshi have announced Ian Woods as a unique and uncompromising talent.

Mixing bastard future pop, electronic beats and gregorian chants Waves of OK is a collection of tender and pensive songs which showcase Psychologist’s subdued mix of fractured beats alongside his emotionally-charged lyrics, whilst Propeller mixes up post-house vibes with eccentric electronics and experimental sounds.

Psychologist brilliant live show features two violinists / backing vocals, two electronic wizards and Ian Woods thrilling vocals and performance.


'Propeller' (Moshi Moshi) - 2011
'Waves Of OK' (Moshi Moshi) - 2011