Psycho Mutants

Psycho Mutants

 Pécs, Baranya, HUN

Psycho Mutants sounds a bit as if Dracula would meet Johnny Cash in the middle of the far west. Above all Psycho Mutants is a concert band. Known as a strong live act, and already considered as a cult band in the underground scene of Hungary, due to their spontaneity and their energy on stage.


Formed in 2005 in Pécs, South Hungary, Psycho Mutants play a music on which nobody can really put words on.

If noone managed to categorize their music style till now, their albums are to advice to the fans of 16HorsePower, Calexico or even the Bad Seeds, to those who appreciate David Lynch or Quentin Tarantino's world, and finally to all those who long for something new.

If the band itself rather considers itself as a "Live band", the Psycho Mutants managed at last to produce an album which reflects quite well the ambiance of their concerts, even if the visual crazyness people get from them in concert is still missing from it.

With "Tango with me", Psycho Mutants reached the maturity of an old whisky, this maturity they already reached on stage the last years. Stephan Kraemer (Jack the Ripper, The Fitzcarraldo Sessions, Yann Tiersen, Fishbone...) played a significant role in the production of this opus.

Fortunately the line-up remains the same of most of the songs, a classical rock combo, brightened up by an unexpected accordion, and a powerful trumpet, but the unique voice and charisma of their singer, Zoltan Karnics, remains the main attraction of the band, which takes another dimension on stage.


Psycho Mutants (2006) EP
Ghost City (2008) LP
Tango with me (2010) LP
Tango with me (2011) Single
Everybody's Young God (March 2012)

Set List

You, enemy
Angels lead you
Jesus on the Moon
Tango with me
Somewhere in Mexico
Western Devil
Waiting for the sun
Sleep Baby
B(l)ack Home
Lost Sailor
Seize you
Hit Me