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The best kept secret in music


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2003 - Unlocked, Unleashed and Unzipped – debut EP

JUNe 2006 - Lightning - debut LP


Feeling a bit camera shy



With this as their battle cry Psychotic 4 attack the rock scene without mercy. Their debut album Lightning, produced by platinum award winning producer Dale Penner, is the product of the band’s die-hard stick to your guns philosophy of making music. In a time of diluted rock, Psychotic 4 distill their craft until a thunderclap of in-your-face, more-make-up-than-your-sister, metal tinged rock is produced. And it’s damned catchy to boot. These guys don't need magazines to tell them they're the next big thing – they simply know it. Lightning delivers something once lost but now found: pop tunes that still rock. As they start a new generation headbanging, singer/guitarist Diamond Dean, guitarist Jimmy J, bassist P.J Stagger, guitarist Dave Ablaze and drummer Ben-O-War ask not what rock and roll can do for them but what they can do for rock and roll.

The release of Lightning in July 2006 (via Montreal’s Indica Records) saw the addition of the video for the first single, Breaking Out, to rotation at Music Plus and spins on MuchLoud - see 2006 Highlight’s below! Since the album’s release, Psychotic 4 has toured with reckless abandon, playing over 100 shows, including opening shows with Simple Plan, Godsmack, Scorpions and Twisted Sister and landing selected dates on the 2006 Vans Warped tour.

Building on their long standing musical relationship, Diamond Dean and PJ formed Psychotic 4 in 2003 by adding co-writer and fire breathing lead guitarist Jimmy J – a lad of merely 16 at the time. With Jimmy's baptism into rockness they recorded Psychotic 4’s first EP, Unlocked, Unleashed, Unzipped. The single from the aforementioned EP, No Sorry, debuted in January 2004 and went on to 6 weeks of rotation on Much Music, 13 weeks on Musiqueplus (reaching the top of the english countdown, leaving Britney and 50 Cent in their dust) and 15 weeks on Much Loud! In support of the EP, they played Musiqueplus’ 123 Punk tour , toured with mainstays Nashville Pussy, and gigged with the likes of Andrew W.K, Simple Plan, Sum 41 and Jersey, and made their first appearance on the Vans Warped Tour. During this period, Psychotic 4 also lost drummers to celebrity, had their singer die twice and vowed never to steal from bikers ever again!

The Montreal-based foursome bring Alice Cooper, Judas Priest, Ozzy and Motley Crue to a punk party and don't leave till they're thrown out! Being from the creative sinkhole of the Montreal art scene has made Psychotic 4 fight to brand themselves apart from the herd. Rock that's pop? Pop that rocks? Metal? Whatever it is look forward to hearing them in the near future.


“Breaking Out” video reaches medium rotation on

“Breaking Out” video Wins twelve consecutive nights on Musique Plus’ combats des clips

“Breaking Out” video stays in regular rotation for 9 weeks on Musique Plus in summer of 2006

Psychotic 4 featured on CHOM radios Made In Canada

Psychotic 4 performs “live” on CHOM morning show for Donald Tarleton “duck run” benefit

Psychotic 4 opens up for simple plan for 3 shows summer of 2006

Psychotic 4 opens up for The scorpions and Twisted Sister. 80,000 people attend

Psychtoic 4 plays vans warp 2006 in Detroit and Montreal

Psychtoic 4 directs and produces its own video documentary, christened The Cockumentary, distributed via the band’s Myspace site:

Psychotic 4 receives Jagermeister endorsement

Psychotic 4 receives Converse sponsorship

Psychotic 4 pushes a gas engine van down the west side highway in Manhattan during rush hour after it stalls due to their filling the tank with diesel fuel. Terrified motorists flood the NYPD with calls for help.