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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Loop In Motion Festival"


"The band was still setting up, and I ran into the food court next store to buy some drinks. They started when I was still inside. The band is a four piece, with bass, guitar, drums, and saxophone. Roy said they started by all playing simultaneously and making a lot of noise... but then they went into a tune.

I thought they were great. Instrumental music you could dance to, memorable melodies, good mix of improv and structured material. The first song sounded like it could have fit on King Crimson's Lizard album. Later on, I would not have been surprised at all if they threw in Schizoid Man as a cover. There was one track Roy and I thought we recognized, but when they announced the song title, I wasn't familiar with it. Can't remember it now.

The highlight of the show was the audience reactions. Roy and I were bopping along in our seats. To me, this IS dance music, it has a good groove. Forget that stuff with the repetitious bass notes. There were some little boys in the audience who danced for most of the set. It was adorable and by the end, even the band members were watching them and smiling. Some teen-aged boys sat next to me and seemed to be enjoying it. Two older women sat down at our row and stayed for the rest of the set.

It was a short set, about 45 minutes. For a free show, unknown band, just a half mile walk from home, you can't do much better. The band had a CD out, but we're not really in a new-music-acquire mode right now." - RheaYes Concert Blog


Still working on that hot first release.



psychotronics is over. we had a lot of fun and want to thank everyone who gave us their love and support over the years!

Click the "audio" button above for free downloads. tell all your friends that they can get it free, too! we played some really cool shit over the last few years and to thank those who were supportive we will keep this site up to share until Dec. 1st. Thanks again!