Richmond, Virginia, USA
BandHip HopSinger/Songwriter

My music does more than move the body! It stimulates the mind and revitalizes the soul!!! I invite you to a breath of fresh air!!!



Psycle is one of the most unrecognized, yet most innovative new millennial emcees on the music scene. He is a well-seasoned, hardworking hip-hop artist who does it all, from writing and recording songs to producing and engineering, for himself, and others! Originally from a small town in Delaware, Psycle has been living in the Richmond, VA area for the last decade. To sum this artist up in one word, “Revitalizing!”

Working Progress

Psycle is currently working on a mixtape, a few singles, and is carefully piecing together his debut album! He is also currently involved with the formulation of an independent record label in which he happens to play a major role as the Director of Business Affairs! This artist is definitely a multi-faceted, team-oriented entrepreneur who isn’t going to stop until he reaches the top!

The album that Psycle is working on is a very monumental type of album that illustrates the struggle and triumph of growing up under adverse circumstances. He virtually takes you on a ride through his life and what he’s learned along the way, the good, the bad, and the ugly! This is the type of project that leaves an unforgettable impression on the listener, so much so that they will listen to the album many times over to absorb it all!

Future Plans

What he plans to accomplish by taking this seemingly conventional route is to capture a fan base that covers many demographics! He has an uncanny ability to relate to anyone he encounters and manages to perpetuate this into his music! Psycle is definitely in it for the long run and plans on being one of the industries most memorable artists!