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Providence, RI | Established. Jan 01, 2001

Providence, RI
Established on Jan, 2001
Band Rock Hard Rock





Psycle carries in their musical arsenal emotional tunes, heavy bass, and
guitar lines without the chaotic thrashing that one may expect from a rock
band - Rhode Island Magazine

"Fan Review"

"Somebody please sign these guys" - Matt Desa

"Fan Review"

"I can't get enough of these guys I never miss a show when they are around" - Katie Pettis

"Fan Review"

"I love the 5 song EP and can't wait for the full length!" - Sam Isherwood


"These guys know how to work over a crowd and off the stage they are really nice guys" - Anthony Budritas

"The Phoenix"

Psycle rocks— with the heartfelt “My Letter to You,” with some strong vocals and an arcing, melodic chorus. Incidentally, Psycle, from northern Rhode Island, has been cranking things up lately, so be on the lookout for a bump in activity. - Bob Gulla


Psycle was formed in 1999 in Castleton, Vermont, and remained active in the New England area and beyond before disbanding in 2011. Now based out of Providence, Rhode Island, this four piece rock band has reformed with longtime drummer Jay Carvalho, Mike Kaz on bass, Joe Nicolazzo on guitar, and adding Seth Salois on Vocals/Guitar. They have now teamed up with Pipeline Entertainment and have released a new EP, Surfaces, mixed and mastered by Chris Piquette from No Boundaries Studios out of Providence, R.I.
Giant, melodic, hard driving, and big drums; these are a few things that come to mind while listening to Surfaces. Psycle eases us into things with the opening track “Long Way Down,” building on a strong groove. The chorus contains big ringing chords which compliment the melodic vocals perfectly. At some point, vocalist Seth Salois approaches a Maynard Keenan feel.
“Long Way Down” sets a solid middle ground for the album. Psycle only strays so far, going a bit heavier, as well as a little more mellow. That may sound like bad thing, but believe me, it’s not. All seven songs on this album feel as if they belong together, making it an album you can listen to straight through, with no skips.“Face the Fire” has a very cool mix, starting with guitar on the left, vocals in the center, and drums on the right. They manage to keep the album upbeat, even on songs like the drum driven “Break,” which is sad lyrically. Psycle then slows it down a little with some acoustic guitars on the fifth track, “My Letter to You.” No need to worry, by the end of the track it builds back to where we left off, leading us into “Stranded,” where Salois’ vocals are slightly reminiscent of the very early Nickelback release, The State, from 1998.
I’m not saying that Psycle necessarily sounds like these bands, but with the big drums, heavy guitar, and strong vocals, they remind me of Staind, Godsmack, Tool, and Nickleback. There’s only one thing left to say at this point; head over to and give a listen for yourself. - Anthony Frisketti

"Psycle-Surfaces EP Review"

I was asked a short time ago by Seth Salois (vocalist/guitarist) to review his band Psycle’s album Surfaces. When I had received it in the mail I figured it was a death or thrash metal CD. I was thoroughly delighted when I took a listen and it now enjoys regular rotation on my drives.

Salois has a rich hauntingly beautiful voice that right away reminded me of the singer of Volbeat, truly unique and something otherworldly. Jay Carvalho reflects his passion on the drums, pouring his soul on his kit. Interconnected and yet each reflecting their own personalities are Mike Kaz on bass and dual guitarists Joe Nicolazzo and Seth Salois. Without even having met this amazing group of men or seeing them live, I could feel down to my nerve endings how their incredible lineup builds off of each other's creativity. Each song on the album is downright irresistible. Together they bring confident innovation to hard rock.

“Long Way Down" bursts forth with energy and character and an unexpectedly polished finish. “The Road I'm On" is amazing lyrically, deeply personal, and the fretwork is kickass. “Face the Fire," my personal favorite, has bruising intense guitars, powerful vocals and masterful drums and gets my pulse racing and my head banging. I absolutely loved this album and heartily look forward to their future endeavors. I was honored to check them out live on October 25th at Mardi Gras in Cranston RI and their set was nothing short of rock and roll perfection. Stay tuned for the interview I had with these amazing guys. - Allyson Kinsley -Boston Rock Radio

"Psycle-Surfaces EP review"

Well I couldn’t have picked a better band for a first review, Psycle is a 4-piece rock band based out of Providence, RI. Psycle was formed in January of 1999. Playing venues all over New England to New York City and even Canada, Psycle continued to bring their energy and sound to each performance. Each member of the Psycle family has left a lasting impression on each song and made this band what it is today.

Psycle knocked it out of the park with their EP, Surfaces. They have that amazing mid 90’s sound, kinda reminded me of Live but with a little hint of Pearl Jam and a modern Daughtry twist. The album are work is simply but still catches the eye.Each song on the EP is a little different but with the cohesive Psycle sound. The first song the really jumped out at me off Surfaces was the last track, Break, that exotic sounding intro just drew me in right away, and the song only gets better. A nice heavy chugging guitar, tom drum beat and a BIG chorus. The Road I’m On is a song I swear I’ve heard on the radio, and if not then it really should be. This track is a pure rock track that I haven’t been able to get out of my head. All 4 tracks on this EP define Psycle perfect, Rock.

One thing that really stood out on Surfaces was the production quality, all the tracks were balanced almost perfectly and you can actually hear the bass without searching for it. Chris Piquette at No Boundaries Studios did an amazing job of capturing the raw talent of Psycle. Speaking of talent, the musicians in Psycle are the real deal. The lyrics in the songs aren’t generic, which is really nice to hear, and Seth delivers them perfectly. Joe has a way of finding the right notes for those solos, and it’s nice to hear a guitarist that doesn’t over play. Mike has one of the best bass tones I’ve heard and it’s nice to hear actual bass lines in these songs. And last but not least, Jay knows his stuff behind the kit, his beats and fills fit perfect in every song.

If you like big choruses, good musicianship and pure Rock n Roll then you need check out Psycle’s EP, Surfaces

Track listing:

Long Way Down
The Road I’m On
Face The Fire

Psycle is:
Seth Salois- Vocals/Guitar
Jay Carvalho- Drums/Vocals
Mike Kaz- Bass/Vocals
Joe Nicolazzo- Guitar

Website: - Rock Review

"Psycle-Surfaces EP Review"

Psycle, who play some of the most solid rock music I have heard since Devilfire's amazing album, have an E.P. out called Surfaces. There are four songs on this EP, three of which were sent to me by guitarist/vocalist, Seth Salois. I have to say that I really dig what this band is doing, and the vocal work is fucking killer! I truly love the fact that bands now are digging back to the late 90's/early 2000's to find influence for the music they do. This E.P. could have easily come out alongside bands like Collective Soul or Candlebox, the only difference is that it's 2017, not 1999, and that it has a modern edge to it. "Face the Fire" reminds me a bit of Myles Kennedy vocally, and musically it reminds me of Our Lady Peace or even earlier LIVE. These songs really bring me back to a time when I was still playing in bands, and trying to get my music out. It's a nice feeling to hear groups doing this style, truly it is. "Break" is another track that just shines vocally, I am extremely impressed with the vocals on these songs. I am surprised that they only have just over 1100 likes on Facebook, so go give them the love (in the form of a like, and buying their E.P.) they deserve. "Long Way Down" is a bit slower, but showcases the song writing skill of these guys. I love the drum, bass, and vocals being the main focus of the verses, and the bassist has an excellent tone. Musically, these guys can play, and they have a great sense of tone; it is never muddy, and you can pick out the notes they are playing with ease. The production work is really nicely done too, nothing overpowers anything else, and they just are able to achieve such a great sound.
So, go get yourselves a copy of this E.P., and I promise you will not be disappointed by it at all!!!! Enjoy!!!!
8/10 Drinking Horns Filled - Tom Hanno

"Psycle-Surfaces EP review"

Psycle is a 4-piece rock band that is based out of Providence, RI. Psycle was formed in January of 1999 in Castleton Vermont. Their latest release ‘Surfaces’ has just landed on our desk and boy has it got our attention.
The EP starts with ‘Long Way Down’, where Mike Kaz’s hungry bass lines are soon joined by Jay Carvalho’s infectious drumming to form an opening that is both hot and sexy. Seth Salois’s vocal takes control and we are into something quite special ‘Long Way Down’ reminds me a little of ‘Bullet The Blue Sky’ by U2, mixed with a little slither of Stranglehold by Ted Nugent only this is much much better. With strong guitar work from Joe Nikolazzo and Seth Salois, this is an opener to make you take notice. We are soon into the more melodic ‘The Road I’m On’ a track where we discover Psycle’s more traditional rock routes. Again Seth’s excellent vocals take the driving seat as we are led through a track that has hit single written all over it. The band are extremely tight and the playing is controlled and faultless.
‘Face The Fire’ is next and this follows on well as another traditional rocker. It does have that ‘shake your head’ feel to it and a great anthemic chorus, yet it again feels so modern. Listen out for some tremendous bass licks that creep up on you from the background, very clever. Final track and IMHO the best on the EP is ‘Break’. What can I say about ‘Break’? If you want a rock song with excellent drumming, then ‘Break’ is the track for you If you want a rock song with hard hitting vocals, then ‘Break’ is the track for you If you want a rock song with ‘kick arse’ bass and ‘in your face’ guitars then ‘Break’ is the track for you If you want a rock song that has you singing out loud on the first listen, then ‘Break’ is the track for you. ‘Break’ is that good.
‘Surfaces’ falls quite comfortably into the category of one of those records that you can pick out and listen to as a familiar friend. The tracks are so easily remembered and that is the sign of great writing and playing. Surfaces is well worth reaching out for. I am excited by where Psycle are going - Pete Devine

"Psycle-Surfaces EP review"

Alright all you rock and roll fanatics out there looking for a solid sound and high energy music, let me introduce you to Psycle. Putting Providence, Rhode Island on the map in regards to music..

Their song Face the Fire is the perfect balance of adrenaline filled rhythm and hypnotic vocals. After you listen to the song you are left with a sense of hope. Like you just had a life altering battle and you are walking out of the rubble, victorious and leaving it behind to create a much brighter future. The powerful drum fills frame the gritty breakdowns perfectly of the guitar. The execution of the song itself is phenomenal and quite impressive. It is a song that is very relatable to all people because who hasn't faced an obstacle in their life? I respect the energy in their music and how it truly empowers people to get up and fight to live.

Face the Fire - Psycle
Their song "Break" is what I would consider a hard rock anthem just in the way it was executed in regards to vocals, guitars, and drums. The intro gave you a nice mellow feeling before the breakdown hit, then it was followed with the drums which are showcased amazingly in this song. The intensity in the vocals is like that of a raging river trying to be restrained by a dam, only to be completely crushed under the power. Honestly the more I listened to the song, Break, it really did remind me of a raging river of emotions because you would have the powerful rapids that swept you away (in a good way, mind you) followed by moments of calm water where you could just bask in that moment of serenity. Similar to how life can be at times.

While the EP itself has just the 4 songs, each song is filled from start to finish with passion. The Road I'm On is yet another great song to get you really pumped up about taking on the world after a dark period in your life. To not live life for someone else but to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and live for yourself. The lyrics convey such sincerity in their message that you can tell the artists genuinely feel the music they are creating which is a rare trait in this day and age. The Road I'm On will inspire you to conquer the world and bring the light back into your life. Of course the song, Long Way Down, is a refreshing break and nice change of intensity within the EP. It has a more mellow but still edgy vibe with a really fantastic guitar solo. The song has almost a Shinedown vibe to it but done with their own special twist making it stand out from them in my opinion. I look forward to hearing more from Psycle because they certainly have the talent to make the industry take notice of them.

All reviews are written by Italian Metal Queen
​@NightlandGir - Italian Metal Queen

"Psycle-Surfaces EP Review"

The new Surface EP from Psycle is some killer rock ‘n’ roll, with the lead single “Break” standing out from the rest. Reminiscent of Live or Collective Soul, the 4-piece Rhode Island band rocks just as hard as they did before disbanding in 2011. Leading with grungy riffs and robust drumming, lead vocalist Seth Salois belts out the powerful lyrics before playing a wicked guitar solo. All with a solid song structure that features plenty of room for spontaneity. There is definitely an influence from late 90s rock as they keep things tight while focusing on a dynamic delivery of vocals. The remaining three songs on the EP are equally as potent and vigorous. “The Road I’m On” has a keen sense of melody immersed in dense instrumentality. But what you’ll most remember is the vocals: hard yet emotional, such as his performance on “Face the Fire”. Tough stuff with a tender side. - James Morman


2002- Around Again

2005- Self Titled EP

2017- Surfaces EP



Psycle is a 4-piece rock band that is based out of Providence, RI. Psycle was formed in January of 1999 in Castleton Vermont. Playing venues all over New Englan...d to New York City and even Canada, Psycle continued to bring their energy and sound to each performance. Each member of the Psycle family has left a lasting impression on each song and show and made this band what it is today. Psycle disbanded in 2011 but has now re-emerged with longtime drummer Jay Carvalho, Mike Kaz on bass and Joe Nicolazzo on guitar. Bringing back some favorites from their previous catalog of songs and writing brand new music, Psycle hopes to bring that same energy and songwriting that gave them their mark on the music comminuty. A huge thanks to all the great musicians who have made the journey before and our new lineup hopes to make them proud and continue to write great music

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