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"Readers’ Bands: Let’s Get Ugly With Psyclosarin"

Have you heard of this band Psyclosarin from Ohio? I hadn’t either, but apparently, the band’s Mike Gately digs Gun Shy Assassin.

Like most of our readers who have bands, he sent us a message telling us we needed to check out “Some REAL fucking metal” from his band Psyclosarin.

While the production is rougher than rubbing sandpaper across the tops of Clint Eastwood’s weathered hands, I have to admit it — I’m digging what Psyclosarin’s doing.

They’re decent. Brutal beats, solid riffs, punishing singer…it’s all there, folks.

Check out some of the band’s songs at the end of this post.

I must say this, though: There’s something about these songs that is very unsettling. I feel like all these kids need is a decent studio, an engineer with half-a-brain, and a reasonably-skilled producer and I could see them signing with a halfway-reputable label. - Chris Harris


EP- "Prelude Of What's To Come" (May 2012)
FLA- "Hidden In Violence" (Summer 2013)



Forming in October, 2011, Psyclosarin was the brainchild of Steve Gatewood (Hollow Sanctuary), Mike Gately (Stained Glass Torture, Metalourd, Hollow Sanctuary) and Jon Benning (Painting My Horror, One Hit Kill, Hollow Sanctuary). Long time friends who had been writing music together several years prior. Soon after, Kenny Schwer (And The Weak Lie Frail) joined on vocals. While the writing process was slow and tedious, each song became better than the last. In March of the following year, James Utt (Vertical Burial, And The Weak Lie Frail) joined the family with his influences of a more technical feel. First performing live in July of 2012, People quickly took notice of this new sound. Brutal beats, solid riffs, punishing singer. Psyclosarin are an in your face, chest pounding experience. A perfect meld of melodic and brutal guitar work, intense attack of drums and plucking bass riffs with an unforgiving drive of vocals with lyrics based on corruption, apathy, lies and the power to overcome it all. Their first EP release contained three tracks; Beyond This Hate, Prelude Of What's To Come and This Nightmare Inside. Many positive reviews soon followed. They continue to write, perform live and are currently working on their first full length album, 'Hidden In Violence'.