Tokyo, Tōkyō, JPN

PSYDOLL who have the likely fashions of 2065 (rubberwear and big boots) is incorporate Industrial and Electropop with Cyberpunk imagery, musical and lyrical content.
They have escaped their native Tokyo to tantalise us in ways you can't imagine.
Unless you've seen Bladerunner, that is.


Cyberpunk band PSYDOLL consisted of vocalist Nekoi and guitarist Ucchi. Nekoi's involvement in the Manga industry plus the duo's shared love for Japanese animation and SF films provided the inspiration for their sound and soon they are making demos.

In January 1998 they make the transition to a live band, performing extensively in Tokyo's venues.

Digital percussionist Loveless joins in the Summer of 1999, augmenting their sound and live performance.

Word of Psydoll spreads worldwide and they start gigging outside of Japan.

-2001,May........Anime North Convention in Toronto, Canada

-2003,April......Beyond The Veil Festival in Leeds, UK

-2003,November...Mini tour at UK venues

-2004,January....1st album for worldwide distribution, "I PSYDOLL"

-2005,July.......Headlining gigs in UK

-2006,October....UK tour*

-2007,October....UK tour*

-2008,August.....Electro Prague Festival in Praha, CZ as a headliner with tour for Germany

-2009,May.........2nd album, "10 SPYGLASSES"

-2009,July.......WWW festival,Amersfoort,Holland with tour for Holland

-2009,October....Withby Gothic Weekend, with additional numbers of tours at UK

-2010,July.......Advik Anime convention in Praha, CZ as a solo performance

-2010,October....Halloween Goth event at Manila,Philippines

-since 2005......Monthly group event called Machine Magic in Tokyo, Japan

(*Many of the tours and gigs consisted Psydoll to be the headliners)

Psydoll continued to demonstrate their inimitable sound with a live show that fulfils all your sci-fi manga fantasies.


Machinery Lemmings

Written By: nekoi PSYDOLL

A signal becomes blue
Everyone is crossing
You can never continue walking
Your eyes frightened at something
You are not filled with the impatience
which cannot be wiped-
today,Tomorrow, it continues!

Overflowing people whirls around the city
Substance wave All right!
You are last I'm only record
It says we will fall to love soon
and discover somewhere but not here
open your eyes!

The city became a fat Everything remain
You try to smile but it distorted the mouth
inserted between people
A signal becomes blue
Everyone doing same action
It is repeated forever-
today,Tomorrow, it continues!

The last chance is a maintenance of dawn
No loads
Only we have a mouth can say NO
...eyes can gazes at TRUTH

(Translated into English from Japanese)

Tokyo a-go go

Written By: nekoi PSYDOLL

The girls changed into the prostitutes
in the city of Sodom
No no no....!
So many my faces which you don't know
like the number of stars

The crows cut the dark open
Keeps calling the friends
We are dizzying in thick cloud
In outskirts of far east of the east

Tokyo...Let's go Tokyo
Tokyo is here
Vivid dreams
saucy styles

Tokyo...Let's go Tokyo
Tokyo is near
Your voices disappears in bustle

The city of Sodom keeps taking
Oh oh oh oh....!
Languages and appearances
Adults become children
No one knows anybody

Tokyo...Let's go Tokyo
Tokyo....Watch that city
It's living thing
Daredevil summer time

Tokyo....It's burning
Tokyo.... no oxygen
I 'll get the kiss
To revive
Go on.........

(Translated into English from Japanese)


Written By: nekoi PSYDOLL

The night has become deep
An indistinct light brought hope

A heavy sound alarmed the visitor
The girl's head rolls, smiled "welcome"

Same night repeats again
Same night repeats again and again

Disjointed hands and feet of knights
Maid's hands swept the armors

The morning dew brightened the forest
A new stain became a part of it

Same night repeats again
Same night repeats again and again

You discovered us at that night
We won't make you lonely

(You drank with us
You ate with us
You played with us
Sleep well)

(Translated into English from Japanese)

My Birthday

Written By: nekoi PSYDOLL

"I found myself"
The sound

"I open my eyes"
Sound starts

"I touch my arms"
I open my eyes

"Then, I start to move"

It's my birthday
My birthday
Moved by music
My heart beats
My birthday
My birthday
My music....

I'll crush your boring life
with unbelievable Iron beat
Happy birthday, happy birthday, My birthday......

"I awake you"
The sound

"You see my eyes"
Pours down over

"I touch your arms"
All over the world

"Then, we start to play"

It's my birthday
my birthday
Moved by music
My heart beats
My birthday
my birthday
my music....

I'll crush your boring life
with unbelievable Iron beat
Happy birthday, happy birthday, My birthday......

Electricity keeps flowing
It becomes a melody
You was sleeping
You looked like you're dead
You were as I was

I throw everything
to arm my hands
I throw everything away
The rain of rhythm continues
on the fading town
Fading city keeps receive it
rain of rhythm
rain of melodies

bullets of sound
bullets of sound
(Translated into English from Japanese)


-Albums,Mini albums-

# Illumidia (Japan only) (Tyrell Morgue,1997)
# Psyberdoll (Japan only) (Tyrell Morgue, 1998)
# Lake/Rose, Rose, Rose (Japan only) (Tyrell Morgue, 1999)
# The Daughter Of Dr.Neumann (Japan only) (Tyrell Morgue, 2000)
# A War In The Box (Japan only) (Tyrell Morgue, 2002)
# I Psydoll (Planet Ghost Music, 2004)
(I Psydoll is a compiration album which from the tunes of "The Daughter Of Dr.Neumann"plus "A War In The Box ",and the song of "Rose,Rose,Rose"as a bonus truck)
# 10spyglasses (Psydoll Products, 2009)

-Singles and EPs-

# Fragments (Japan only) (2003)
# Sign (Japan only) (2004)
# Stories (Japan only EP) (2005)

-remix albums-

# Dance with PSYDOLL (Psydoll Products,2008)
# P.S...BTW (Psydoll Products, 2011)