Psyk Nyne

Psyk Nyne


PsykNyne (sick-9) endows fans with raunchy, hard rockin' old school grooving tunes with HOOKS featuring powerful gritty vocals that reach out, grab you, have you singing along, quickly addicted and begging for more !


PsykNyne (sick-9) is the type of band that stays true to the bare bone, knuckle scraping basis of rock and roll.
Their non-stop hard rock sound will last long past trendiness and pleases all generations, losing no integrity, ala artists like Danzig, Zakk Wylde, and Steppenwolf - this quartet of "psykos" - SDB vocals - Misty on drums, Jimmy Elvis on bass, Big Willie on guitar - work hard and play hard, giving their live shows a depth that is far greater than most, always delivering an entertaining, interactive performance to the crowd to enhance the beckoning that their audio media creates.
Singer SDB will get you movin' and
a groovin' with his overdrive vocals and beefy biker
exterior while the rest of the crew bangs out turbo
tom-tom drum beats, squelching harmonic riffs and low end growling grooves to songs about outcasts of life, love and society.

Currently, the band has 2 music videos
"Road to Nowhere" - caught the attention of the biker world in a big way - resulted in landing 3 prime opener slots at the infamous Full Throttle Saloon at Sturgis SD 2007 (the worlds largest biker rally) !
"Long Haired Country Boy" video - a remake of the Charlie Daniels classic, to coincide with the release of the new album, RIDE.

September 2007 will bring a live performance video and a music video, produced by Richie of UVTV.
PsykNyne has shined at multiple outdoor music event performances and tour stops in 2007 across the Southeast and are close to a sell out of the first run of their 3rd album "RIDE" (released June 2007). Read reviews from fans on the new album on their CD Baby page !

PSYKNYNE is seeking opportunities to expose their music to more ears, perform live for potential new fans, in new markets, finalize additional sponsorships and plan future tours.

Please note that we are a hardworking, dependable, committed and sincere group of musicians and music related business pros, and we expect the same from any organization or individual that we agree to work with.

Please visit us at for more photos and info about the band !
Managed by Bonzilla

production by Lance at Goatfinger Studios
sponsored by Jager Music


2007 RIDE (June 2007)
2006 Psyk Appetizer
2005 It's a Psyk World
FM Radio airplay Q106 Macon, various internet radio station airplay.

Set List

90% original rock tunes !
Upon request, we can mix in
10 - 20% cover tunes in the vein of Disturbed, 70's and 80's classics, rotated based upon venue request and crowd response !