Psyko Flavor

Psyko Flavor


Experimental sounds to elevate the open mind. An alternative blend of music, sounds and words to feed the soul to take control of the soundtrack in your reality. Awaken your taste buds to "The Psyko Flavor".


There is a new flavor on the menu. This new blend creates a new behavior in the mind that is unique and relevant to present times. The music relates to the masses, all age groups, races and classes. Feeds open minds, while opening new doors to those already hypnotized. Be sure to start with small portions so that the ears don’t overdose and keep the mind on balance for paying attention is half the challenge.

Five psykos from the suburbs of Orange County, come together to form Psyko Flavor. Rockin' OC and LA since 2000, Psyko Flavor has developed an indefinable style that young and old school suburbians easily relate to. The material created by the band deals on a personal, spiritual and mental level. With life experiences, both good and bad, Psyko Flavor has understood that the issues we all deal with are universal and relevant to all humans on this Earth. With that and the understanding that music is powerful and influential, the band has found the right formula to grasp the attention of their listening audience. Story telling and sharing life experiences have come a long way and continue to be passed on via a strong medium, music. We have come to share our lives with our fans so that they no longer have to feel alone in their pains and life frustrations. We are the alternative avenue that they can travel to release their feelings while their soul gets nourished and revived to face a new day.

Be not afraid of the unknown, prepare your taste buds and open up your ears to alternative frequencies, those formulated for you, especially by your new cosmic family…Psyko Flavor.


Romeo One - Romeo One (LP)
Psyko Flavor - Eternal Peace (EP)

Set List

Psyko Flavor Set List:

Psyko Flavor has two set lists that are currently in use. The sets are original music, no covers. On the average the sets are an hour long. However, they can always be shortened if time constraints prevent us from playing a longer set.

Our 1 hour set is as follows:

Intro "We've Arrived"(4 mins)
In This Instance (5 mins)
Wake up 2D World (5 mins)
On a Trip (5 mins)
Blueberry Jam (6mins)
Cheap Sheep Skin/Bonus Instr. (9 mins)
When I Close My Eyes (5 mins)
Ocean Sky (7 mins)
Spontanous Shox (6 mins)
Time 2D Side (5 mins)