Psylab is a 4-person entity that creates real-time, authentic electronic dance music, without the help sequencers. Psylab covers most techno genres, with an emphasis on trance, house & breaks. Compare to: infected mushroom, LCD Soundsystem, sts9, orb, crystal method, new deal, lotus.


Psylab is a 4-person live act that bridges the gap between man and machine. Psylab proves the human ability to create a style of music typically associated with DJs.

The visual element makes Psylab into a full psychedelic multimedia experience - especially when audio samples from the warped visual feed creep fluidly into the live mix.

Psylab's musical influences stretch in many realms-- from marley to west african percussion; 60s euro porn soundtracks to deep minimalist tech-house... however the members would be more likely to cite non-musical entities such as yoga and meditation, as more influential to the band.


ReBirth EP (2006)
Void Where Prohibited EP (2006)
Liquid Thoughts EP (2005)
Matter & Antimatter EP (2005)
Party Platter EP (2005)

full-length and dvd releases anticipated for late spring 2006!

Set List


intro: c minor ambient --> proggy house
1) drop into "equinox" 136 bpm --> Cm
2) kick into "Rulers of the Deep" cover
3) jump into Shwilly tune, same bpm. switch to Bb
4) switch-up into prog trance mode with Ticon cover
5) keep the pace up & end w/ psytrance 140bpm pocket

TOTAL TIME SET I: 0:45 - 1:15


1) Dubstep (horsepower cover)
2) switch up into Bukem (hi hat only intro)
3) Bbminor dnb pockets ~ 20 min ... gradually pick up tempo to 165-170
4) Klute / Dara covers
5) more dnb improv ~ 10 min
6) hold to ambient break / drop into downtempo
7) dub jams - echo breaks, halftime
8) ambient pocket --> drop 4x4 @ 146 bpm

TOTAL TIME SET II: 1:45 - 2:45