Psylis is a unique blend of new and classic Rock-n-Roll sounds. Take modern Indie rock sound comparable to bands such as the Killers, blend them with the edgey classic rock sounds remnisent of Led Zepplin, add a super energetic stage presence and you have yourself a show you wont soon forget.


Where do we start to explain the journey?

Well, we could start 30 miles south of the only remaining demilitarized zone in the world, in Seoul South Korea. Or should we pick up the boys on the Gulf Coast of this great country we all love?

How ‘bout we just start right here, at home.

This is Xenia Ohio.

This is Psylis.

An Indie Rock Band born and bred on the streets of this small town, Psylis is formed of two sets of brothers and another friend. The Psylis boys include David Payne (Vocal, Guitar, Keys), Dustin "Hoggle" Payne (Bass), Dustin Filson (Guitar, Keys, Vocals), Derek Filson (Lead Guitar) and Matt Oliver (Drums, Percussion, Vocals). The sons of travelers, they were born across the globe--from Seoul, South Korea to San Francisco to the Gulf Coast.

Since the boys got together in the summer of ’05, there has been a spark of creativity seldom seen in this town. Immediately they started to write and record, not content with playing covers for years while they built a following. The lyrics are about life as they know it—from their seat in life. Make no mistake, when you listen to Psylis, you are listening to Psylis.

The driving force in this group is hard to nail down, though many continue to try. From the lead vocals that send the passion of the song right through your gut with masterful delivery—to the powerful and intricate chord progressions and lead guitar riffs that pierce your very soul—Psylis keeps coming at you till you simply can’t get enough. It’ll raise the short hairs and keep them up all night.

Born and influenced from a rock musical era that was a potpourri of musical eras before it, this music is genuine—a refreshing break from the cookie cutter music heard so much on the airwaves today. It’s the kind of music you swear is just what you needed to end the week with, drive a thousand miles with, or just rock out at home with.

It’s not just the music with Psylis though. It’s the fans too. You can bet that after every show you are welcome to sit down, grab a cold drink, and just hang out. If you do though, prepare yourself for a good time—especially if the drummer shows up. Psylis knows that the fans are the reason they do what they do, and they appreciate that. You’ll know when you come to a show.

So, for now, Psylis is rocking Southern Ohio. You can rest assured they will be spreading out sooner than later, and you will know when they are coming to your town. When they get there, be sure to see them.

It’s a show you will not soon forget.



Written By: Psylis

As the sun goes down
on this god-forsaken town
and as the stars
go otu again
we're still looking for the answers
to the questiosn that we keep
tucked away in the back of our minds

have they told you lately
where they've been
dont go lookin for thier secrets
you'll get locked away again

we're free
so they got to keep us down
and we cannot fly
with our feet on the ground
we're free
so they've got to keep us down
oh, they've landed
and I dont wanna be around

as the dust begins to clear
dont you listen to what you know you cant hear
and while the wars thier fighting
distract weak minds
dont forget what thier doin' to you
in front of your eyes

we're free
so they got to keep us down
and we cannot fly
with our feet on the ground
we're free
so they've got to keep us down
oh, they've landed
and I dont wanna be around

I dont wanna be around

Oh, they've landed
and I dont wanna be



The Big Picture EP (2007, independent)
Self-titled EP (2005, independent)

Singles -

Landed (WWSU, Dayton Ohio)

Set List

Our sets range from 30 mintues to 2 hours.

We are an original act but we do soem covers.