dark psychedelic, progressive, hard rock used to create well written, dynamic songs.


The summer of 2001 -- two bands found each other practicing just houses away while most of their members attended the University of Cincinnati. These bands were called Velvet Dreamfield and Bosley. Both acts hung out and played the venues available and began touring outward but they both fell apart around the winter of 2005 for various reasons.

The summer 2006 -- Chris was working at a local pizza restaurant with Bryan (stop me if this sounds familiar). They started talking about getting a new project together. Maybe something a little harder than before. A month later the lineup was in place and everyone assembled.

Chris Roscoe, Bryce Reed and Travis Cannon of Velvet Dreamfield began practicing with Bryan OFlynn and Ryan Wood of Bosley forming what has now become known as Psylum.

Psylum has since opened for such national touring acts as Shram and The Dreaming.

2008 -- The band members are currently mixing a six song EP scheduled to be released in June/July. Ryan Wood has since left the band but Psylum has recently acquired a new bass player in George Byrd III and the band is beginning to book new shows.

Psylum is heavily influenced by such bands as Tool, Radiohead, Beatles, Pink Floyd, etc.



Written By: Roscoe

I wish that I could find my friends.
They said they’d be here but I can’t talk to them.
How do you do you look so lost.
In a crowd running round like chickens with their heads cut off.

And if I set my mind today
Was I wrong earlier or did things really change?

How can I make sense with dreams like these?

I’ve got a hold on it, I’ve got a hold on it
I’ve got a hold on it, I’ve got a hold on it
I’m in control, I’m in control.

I wish that I could stop this rain.
The clouds are swirlin’ and the levee’s down again.
I hope that I remember how to swim.
When the waters bring the walls down that turn out to be too thin.

I’ve got a hold on it, I’ve got a hold on it
I’ve got a hold on it, I’ve got a hold on it x2
I’m in control, I’m in control.

I’ve got to look inside yourself to figure out what I’m gonna do.
I don’t need all these distractions keeping me up late at night.
I’ve just got to sit down once and think and then stand up and make up my mind.
I’ve got to take this on myself, myself, myself.

And if I take you to paradise with me, remember what you see isn’t real.
Nothing you touch, nothing you sense, nothing you taste, nothing you love,
Nothing you feel.

How can I make sense with dreams like these?


Written By: Roscoe

Help it I can’t help, how I feel right now.
Your screen is wide, eyes take inside all the sound.

When I come to,
Will you still be here,
Or did you already leave?

Let sleeping dogs, lie on the floor tonight.
Don’t wake them up, they’ll just go for the door to get outside.

How to approach,
You in this sit-tu-a-tion,
You always leave me dry.


This mean a lot, to be something you’re not all this time.
You may have fooled some, but you can’t fool everyone all this time.

Help it I will,
I’ll help you all until I-can’t-con-trol
Myself anymore.


EP coming shortly. Scheduled to be released in June/July 08

Set List

Whisky While I Ski
Sex with the Devil
The First Card
Fall In
Brandon's Song
No Use
The Credits