"It's like a strange mix of Pink Floyd, Tool and Primus. This band is truly unique and difficult to stick into any particular genre of music. This independent band is sure to be a part of the next catalyst in modern music."


Driven to be self-reliant, Psymbience has written, performed, tracked and mixed their self-produced debut album, "IS". The album was, however, mastered in New York City by Classic Sound studios. The debut album has been mass-produced and was released in March 2005.
The music of Psymbience is unique. The band is devoted to the fundamental of music, creation. They strive to write music for the sake of music, ignoring the music industry's boundaries of formulaic authority and marketability. Psymbience has an ever-increasing fan base that continually shows an intense degree of support for the band. Many of these fans had even pre-paid for the album as early as November 2004.
The album is available online with CD Baby,, and through

If you are a promoter and would like a full-length album, please write to, Psymbience would be happy to get you one.



Written By: Psymbience

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Psymbience "IS"--released March 2005
Psymbience "Psymbiology"--single released January 2005

Set List

Our set list is varied from show to show depending on the circumstances. In addition to playing the album in it's entirety, Psymbience will occasionally perform cover songs. Songs performed thus far: Pink Floyd "Hey You", Tool "Aenima", Radiohead "Paranoid Android", Clutch "The Regulator", Led Zeppelin "No Quarter", and more. We continually try to have new songs, originals and covers, every few shows.