Pinocchio Syndrome

Pinocchio Syndrome


Pinocchio Syndrome is a band that wants to challenge the eclectic listening ear and the curious, world-weary mind with their unique blend of thought-provoking content and unpredictable, dynamic, and intense soundscapes. Loosen your wires: an affecting sonic journey into the unknown is awaiting.


Who's pulling your strings? Is it government, is it religion, is it love, or is it the overbearing state of technology? Forget the pathological lying. Pinocchio Syndrome draws it's name from the experience of being human and the music follows with a thematic content that probes and ravages the listener's psyche.

The young boston-based band formed in 2003 fusing vocals and guitar (Max Goransson), bass (Jonny Kashner), keyboards (Renee Dominique Grier), and drums (Sal Garro). These four individuals not only form a musical collective, but also a closely-knit group of friends, which they describe as a second family. This connection, one could say, is rare, and it carries over to their on-stage presence with the fact that the music is deeply felt and expressed.

Influenced by artists from various genres of music, this is rock that springs from the tradition of its predecessors while embracing it's own statement of musical expression and purpose. Riding on violent waves of feedback, the guitar utilizes distortion as an art and seemingly turns it into another type of instrument, in and of itself. The bass lays down groovy rhythmic patterns while the keyboards blend delicacy and depth along with the insistenly passionate and puncturing drums. The lyricism's dark quality lends the music to an interplay between intricately woven melodies and frenetic riffs of raw energy with an effect that is both haunting and edgy.

The future is breaking down the door. Loosen your wires and trust only the music itself.


Breaking on Ice (2004)
1. Tightrope Shivers
2. Dust in a Coffin
3. The Autumn Killer
4. Not a Sound
5. The Wash
6. Evil for President
7. Macbeth
8. Calling all Calvinists
9. Moonlight Sonata

Live @ WERS (2003)
1. Calling all Calvinists
2. Not a Sound
3. Repeat Offender

Future Debris E.P. (2003)
1. The Unbreakable Strain
2. A Declaration of Independence
3. Little Spark
4. Rearranged
5. Epilogue for Y3K

Set List

Our usual repertoire consists of a large catalog of our own original music of eclectic jams and complete songs. We play songs from our releases, "Breaking on Ice" and "The Future Debris E.P." as well as new material that we are constantly working on. We also cover of Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata.