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"There is a reason that AZ, despite having the technical abilities of Nas, could never break out of the “underrated” category: he doesn’t stand out. His music has always sounded like Nas-light, with a bit more exploitation of his own lyrical abilities and a lot less social consciousness and ability to feel like a fleshed out human being. Like Psyonik, AZ is very skilled technically and in terms of lyricism, delivery, flow, and so on. But without being somewhat different in the eyes of the audience, appreciation is going to be limited, regardless the technique and talent on display. So, beyond anything else, I think Psyonik should try to be more original. He should think of themes, epiphanies and ideas that other rappers are simply passing over, and if he has any eccentricities or obscure personality traits that aren’t shining through in the music, he should try and exploit it appropriately.

Despite those flaws, this mixtape is most definitely worth your time. Give it a listen and judge for yourself." - Hip Hop Uncensored

...grab this mixtape and you won’t regret it in the least. It is full of relaxing soundscapes (the beats are almost reminiscent of what you’d find on Kid Cudi or Chip Tha Ripper tapes, yet with a more atmospheric feel; it is as if RZA fiddled with them) but offers insightful lyrics; instead of pointless clichés one finds clever lyricism – but it is never shoved in your face; Black Velvet is a tape you can both just chill too and actually enjoy for quality lyrics — a rarity indeed. - Rap Genius



Black Velvet
Erasing The Legend

Black Velvet the EP
Depth Perception

Jackin' My Swag



Born October 6th, 1992, in Freeport, Grand Bahama, Dedrick Pitter (publicly known as Psyonik) has always been close to music. As a young boy, he grew up amongst uncles that were avid listeners of Hip Hop music during the “golden era”. Of course, told that the music was too explicit for him, reverse psychology ensued and made him all the more curious as to what it was. Sitting outside the doors, the hypnotic drum-beats, deep, driving bass-lines and lyrics that work your mind creeped into his subconscious. Falling in love with this culture, he’d found a muse, one that he’d never let go of. For the next decade or so, he listened to Hip Hop music, religiously, medicinally, recreationally even. Through years of an evolving culture, years of an evolving being, and a full decade of honing lyrical skill, Psyonik decided to make music himself. Wanting to inspire with his music, he’s taught himself to play (very amateurishly at that) the Keyboard and Bass guitar, to aid in the production of his own music. Psyonik hopes to invade the Music scene with his abilities and show the world what he’s made of, at for the most part - any expense.