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Gdańsk, Pomeranian Voivodeship, Poland | SELF

Gdańsk, Pomeranian Voivodeship, Poland | SELF
Band Rock Metal


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Teraz Rock"

... Ptaky which leader is Piotr Lukaszewski IRA's ex-guitarist from their best time has spread out their wings in 2004 year. In that moment the song " Chron to co masz" (Protect what you got) has been placed on "Spiderman 2" soundtrack. In this same year they had good position thanks their debut album. Their second album "Szkola latania"(School of flying). Ptaky has released only by mp3. At last in this year they have released on CD in some different version. Like in first album the band prefers peacefull lyrics and loud, melodic, suitable for radio, refrains which are watched with dirty and heavy riffs. Plus there have sometimes fun with electronics.
They have starting with acousting guitars which got some oriental climates. This can reminds "Jaszczur" (Lizard) from first album. However instrumental song "CoeXisT" is only used as an intro. In song "Kaznodzieja"( The Preacher) we can hear heavy and fast guitars' playing. The lyrics are standard slowly but refrain is shocking heavy. We can hear also a lot of electronic background. There is hard, postgrunge playing too with epic pieces like "Sa takie dni" (There are some days).
However... the lovely melody and effective used piano in "Boja sie ludzie" (The people fear) are one of the most inspiration piece of whole album. The fantastic coda is also a worth hearing thing in album... - Lukasz Wewior / translate Izabela Sladewska


Szkola latania (School of flying) - 2008
Ptaky - 2004



After great debut the Ptaky’s career has had a fame not only in the Poland but it has spread out all over the world. The single “Chron to co masz (Protect what you got)” has been placed on polish soundtrack of “Spiderman 2”.
Rest of success was on spring and summer 2005. First there was a concert in radio “Trojka” which was broadcast on all Poland and world by Internet in Agnieszka Osiecka’s studio with public. Next the band took part in Jubilee concert of 80th Polish Radio on Polish Song Festival in Opole. After that, there was a concert on “Top Trendy” festival. The band also took part in rock festival “Union of Rock” in Wegorzewo and finally the played concert on festival Jedynka in Sopot.
Like in previous days, in 2008 the band played concert in anti-drug gig “Kotan's Days” in Warsaw. In 11st October 2008 the band released an album on line for free as a first band in Poland. The album “Szkola Latania” is available on .
During year 2009 Ptaky played a lot of concerts like charitable concerts for very sick children. In 20th June 2009 the band released their new album “Szkola Latania” on CDs.

Other Information:
• The album released by and on Internet has been downloaded 120 000 times.
• 470 000 people has listened this album on web portal .
• In 2004 on polish soundtrack of “Spiderman 2” band played song “Chron to co masz (Protect what you got)”. Thanks that, the band has been noticed in Poland and on the world. The song’s video has got a really good remarks and opinions. And it has got also an acceptation from film’s directions – Sam Raimi.