watch the original MTV headbangers ball, Korns who then now and the Killswitch engage DVD and you've got the Vibe of PTB. Hard aggressive modern metal, thats a shit load of fun to watch and hear


Get this,.. these crazy bastards rehearse in a shipping container (hence the Container ARMY).. thats right a metal oven in an Aussie summer and winter ranging from -2 to 45 degrees C at 130 Db.

PTB are nothing short of insane, and with a vibe thats more fun than the original headbangers ball PTB are giving people a reason to turn off whatever trash they're listening to and come see one of they're shows!!!

PTB are a 5 piece melodic metal band from Melbourne, Australia. they've just released their new EP titled "Rise" and is big, powerful, a bit hairy, fun and is sure to get heads turning


LP - Harvest, 2004
EP - Rise, 2006