Pretty Too Bad

Pretty Too Bad

 San Diego, California, USA

Pretty Too Bad is a simple rock outfit with a simple intention: to make music “with the ability to inspire and influence life forms on Earth.” It won’t be long until all life forms know their name. With the release of their debut full-length “Balloons,” this is only the beginning of that journey.


Pretty Too Bad are an alternative rock band formed in 2008 in Ocean Beach, California, a small beach community in San Diego County. The band consists of Clayton Tryniszewski (Vocals/ Guitar/ Piano), Jim Hughes (Vocals/ Guitar), Ismael Velazquez (Vocals / Bass) and Damon DeLaPaz (Vocals/ Drums). Having recently solidified their line-up, PTB are currently playing live shows in and around San Diego and, are poised to expand their following with the release of their first recorded effort, an eclectic collection of songs entitled Balloons.  

On December 2, 2010, PTB entered Big Fish Recording Studio in Encinitas, CA with the intention of capturing an albums worth of ideas that could influence and entertain the lifeforms on Earth. With their collective years of diverse musical experience, PTB enlisted the services of engineers Ben Moore and Matt Van Allen to capture the live raw energy the band exudes. This collection of musical minds would prove to be not only efficient and productive, but intensely creative as well. Van Allen’s sound technical recording abilities allowed the band to quickly and painlessly lay down their raw passion on tape, and Ben Moore’s gifted ear for mixing revealed the unique voice of a band uninhibited.

There is a little something for everyone on Balloons. The album opens with the simple, driving groove of “Big Fish,” a song sure to capture the hearts and minds of listeners everywhere. Positive and relatable lyrics help build to a powerful chorus that sounds great on record, but sounds even better with a live crowd singing along. Other highlights of this release include the funky and energetic “Caves,” (a song that will have you so busy dancing that you won’t even notice the world coming to an end) and “Walk Away,” a song that employs the use of clever wordplay, a catchy melody, and an infectious rhythm to get its message across.

Balloons will be released to the public March of 2011. It may change the world and it may not. No matter what or who it changes, it will definitely be a worthy and welcome addition to the musical library of planet Earth, and will be ready and waiting for anyone with open ears, an open mind, and an open heart. This is your life. This is your time.

Pretty Too Bad is available for shows / support anywhere and any time on Earth. This is YOUR life. This is YOUR time.



Written By: Clayton Edward Tryniszewski

We're not on either side
Let's go out to the caves tonight

And wait for them
To kill each other

Wait for them
It'll all be over

We're not afraid to die
Let's swim out past the waves tonight

And wade for them
To burn each other

Wade for them
It'll all be over

Cause I'm against positions
I'm against the mission

I'm against the structure of this fucking war

I'm against the media
It's something they're feeding ya

And who'd do it better
Than a couple schooled rich white guys
And who'd be more honest
Than a couple schooled rich white guys that are right

Because I'm up on the earth
But I'm down in the clouds

I said I'm up on the earth
But I'm down in the clouds and I'm drowning them out

I said O

Big Fish

Written By: Clayton Edward Tryniszewski

They'll teach you everything
About how to fit in a box
Correct your pitch and sing
What you is and what your not
Let's make it interesting
Take away what you got

Dragging behind ancient airwaves
Time is drifting
Peddle fast Now, cut my tether
You can't lift me

Know what to do what to do
When good enough's all they want from you
What to say what to say
We've come soo far
But were still so far away
When you find the truth
I hope to shit you follow your own

We've gotta' build our own damn spaceship
Were not gonna' fall
Tear down the old stipulations
We'll burn em' all
Set aside the old vibrations
And listen too the song

Find Your Place

Written By: Clayton Edward Tryniszewski

You’re whispering
Is there something wrong
I wish that rain
Would go back home

They all say the world is gonna end
I just feel you gotta find your place on it
We’ve gotta find our place on it

If I stood on a box
Would you do it then
Hell no
I’d be drowning in the closed minded
Egyptians and prescriptions
The Pharaohs and their documentation

Nothing’s gunna stop us and
Nothing ever brings us down

You’re whispering
Is there something wrong
I wish that rain
Would go back home
You’re glistening when your
Innocence is gone
I wish that rain
Would go back home

Walk Away

Written By: Clayton Edward Tryniszewski

The see-saw is not to blame
You can't play
Without somebody on the other side of the plank
And Mary goes round
About the town
But at the end of the day
She's just a circle on the ground

She can't walk away
Why can't she walk away
They won't let her walk away
Why can't she walk away

So bow down to what is fake
Let's relive all of our mistakes
Now, should we stay or should we go
We've been thinkin' so long that I don't really know


:::"Balloons" ALBUM (2011):::

1. Big Fish (radio air play 94/9 + 91X FM)

2. Bloody Train

3.Caves (radio air play 94/9 + 91X FM)

4. Walk Away (radio air play 94/9 + 91X FM)

5. Find Your Place

6. Morning Smile

7. Make It Real

8. Time Will Only Tell

9. Wake Up

10. Don't Have Today (radio air play 94/9 FM)

:::"Prototype Blueprint" DEMO (2009):::

1. Bloody Train

2. Walk Away (radio air play 91X FM)

3. Juggling Knives

Set List

Please contact us for more information. 619-794-4166