Pterodactyl Plains

Pterodactyl Plains


"Swirling folk rituals." Scarred and sawdust covered tribal soundscapes. "Deep trickling rainbow magic." "The mysterious magic of the album with each song more deeply immerses you in the depths of its profound peace, freeing from reality"


Pterodactyl Plains is the most recent export from Trego, Montana (once the Christmas tree capital of the world, now a logging bust town riding a real estate boom into the 21st century).

Jessica Kilroy, the premier native folk voice from the region, has toured across the country performing original music in bars, coffee shops, and festivals since 2007. Eventually disillusioned by broken promises and bad contracts, Kilroy continued struggling to make a career of music when her hard earned dreams of becoming a smokejumper ended abruptly due to a severe injury while rock climbing.

Spending much of her time in airports and greyhound stations and driving car after car into the ground, Kilroy found inspiration in rhythmic loops and songs from an old friend, Kier Atherton, that she kept on a battered cd in her discman for months on end. Quickly outgrowing the narrow traditions of folk and bluegrass songwriting she found a welcome escape in the experimental soundscapes and began writing and arranging to them.

Kier Atherton played keyboards in bands and produced folk and rock albums for years, but could never sustain any of the projects without having to spend every summer working a trail crew job back in the Kootenai National Forest to pay his bills...watching the bands dissolve again and again.

Kilroy and Atherton soon put both their careers on hold, their lives on credit cards, and retreated to their hometown of Trego, MT to record an album with none of the boundaries of their past projects. With no expectations upon its release in the cold vacuum of winter, they were shocked to see the album instantly go blog surfing after a single upload to, quickly filling their coffers with press they often had to use google to translate into English.

Wasting no time, they embarked on a three month/seven country tour of Europe to promote the new album, and then returned to the East Coast to perform in NYC and their first festival in Maryland. While away they reached #1 on KBGA College Radio and came home to discover audiences singing along with their songs. They added drummer Chance Cole to their live lineup, an old friend with roots in rodeos and an injured back keeping him from his Olympic dreams of making the U.S. Taekwondo team.

Armed with new songs from the road their homecoming was quickly interrupted by more recording, and they've already scheduled a cd release and European tour for Spring 2011.

“The mysterious magic of the album with each song more deeply immerses you in the depths of its profound peace, freeing from reality.”

Funky Souls (Russia)

This Montana-based duo makes dreamy, rustic songs steeped in eerie Americana.

NPR: Second Stage from All Songs Considered Podcast

“pretty and compelling experimental folk album”
“delightfully alien”

See Magazine Review (Edmonton, Canada)

“The album takes you on a magical journey through space”
“Each track boasts a combination of bright and dark sounds littered with the most bizarre beats and noises that can only ignite your imagination.”
“The heavenly vocals from Jessica Kilroy supplement the album beautifully”
“ ‘Solace’ being the stand out track of the album is quite simply some kind of magic trick”

Sucking Lemons (UK)

“It’s a remarkable record, falling loosely in the line of artists such as Imogen Heap, the Notwist, and Bat For Lashes.”

Missoulian (Missoula, MT)

“deep trickling rainbow magic”
“Jessica Kilroy and Kier Atherton vocals always fit your
“breast biting folk”
“often with background electronic
beautifying the undulating, swirling folk rituals.”

I wanna rock you baby! (Hungary)

“If heaven were a music it’d sound like this.” (Brazil)

“Your soothing tunes have become a necessity,
something to help us cope with this unusual planet earth.”

Myspace (Los Angeles, US)

“The entire value of the album is in its unity. Really must listen to all the disk.”

Listen, See, Feel (France)

“Very interesting music, it reminds me heavily of Holly Miranda and Soap & Skin. Lots of beats, breaks and general good feelings
throughout this release. Sweet female vocals over top of electronica can never fail in my books.”

Bolachas Gratis (Portugal)

“Very beautiful female vocals, slow and full of subtle conflict and building anxiousness to hear where the song will take you. Fantastic live show. If you like Brightblack Morning Light, Laura Gibson, and just plain awesome grooves, dig this album.”

KGBA- Missoula College Radio Playlist

“Bewitching vocals of great clarity and beauty of Jessica Kilroy delicately placed on bold but accessible compositions.”

With Music on My Mind (Belgium)

“Outstanding beautiful female vocals over electronic soundscapes and rhythms mixed with a more acoustic backing. A remarkably strong album that could best be described as experimental folk.”

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Pterodactyl Plains: Raven (2010)