BandHip Hop

P-Thoro's strength is projecting his emotions/realities into the hearts of listeners from various backgrounds and walks of life. In short, P-Thoro has a positive movement and a high quality sound with international appeal without falling into trends most new artist succumb to. One word: Original!


With the swagger of an established artist and the poetic imagery which paints both pain and triumph in urban America, P-Thoro is definitely here to stay. Originally hailing from Saginaw, Michigan but now making Phoenix his home, he reflects upon the streets from both locations, and effortlessly delivers lyrical excellence that only the greats' possess. P-Thoro's ominous, haunting voice delivers a vicious onslaught of clever punch lines, catchy hooks and raw verbal content. His songs are infused with his life experiences which convey honesty and sincerity that is lacking in most music today. P-Thoro's words paint a vivid picture of the inner city struggle and despair that is unfortunately many people's reality, and it's because of this honesty and sincerity that his audience gains a feeling of respect and understanding as to the man he really is.


Checkmate EP
Epic LP