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Seek First the KINGDOM of GOD and HIS righteousness and all these things shall be added unto thee~ PT Rolla Mane brings his best if its ministering in front of 10's, 100's, 1000's or 1000000's. He ministers with conviction, high energy and under the anointing!!!


Harry Saunders. Jr. aka PT Rolla Mane was born and raised in Suffolk, VA to Mr. and Mrs. Saunders. He has a handsome son and beautiful daughter. Harry has always loved music as he began his music career as a "bass singer" in an R&B sensation group in the early 90's.

Even though the group split in the late 90's Harry never lost focus, but made a shift that surprised many. He started rapping and was known as "Wild Dust Dirty Harry." Wild Dust connected with neighborhood friend Domenick Epps aka Prime who was the CEO of Double "I" Entertainment and night club promoter. Wild Dust was the Label's first Down South Artist known for his "Crunk" style. From performing in Night Clubs, malls and street corners Wild Dust quickly made a name for himself.

The lables CEO, Domenick Epps, made a change that left Wild Dust and the other artist without guidance and basically without promotion, when he got "saved" and accepted Christ. Wild Dust shortly connected with Uppah South, a Virginia based label who moved to Atlanta, and was on the verge yet again to stardom. He performed in front of Pastor Troy who suggested that he move to Atlanta (ATL)! His plans were set in motion to become the best Crunk artist but as he was making plans GOD had the ultimate plan. Harry crossed paths with Domenick Epps who was on his way to a youth conference and ask Harry to attend. That day changed his life as Harry gave his life to JESUS CHRIST and PT Rolla Mane was born.

Now the gift that he always had is being used to further the KINGDOM of GOD....Globalizing Christian Music...One day at a time!



Written By: Harry Saunders Jr./Domenick Epps


Hey this ya boy PT Rolla Mane aka Farmer Boy and I’m fitting to drop a seed on ya just like this
“Let’s Go”


I'mma M.O.G man I'mma play my part/walking living holy I'mma Man of God/I'mma M.O.G (what)

I gotta a calling on my life and I’m gon telling/wit a burning sensation inside my veins cause I can smell it/
It’s that positive energy boy running through my veins/and I got to stay focus to keep my head up in this game/
If it wasn’t for JESUS I’d probably would’ve been insane/for my Heavenly Father I keep my face into the grain/
Now I’m known for sowing seeds so I gotta do my thing/I’m rebuking the enemy so you know this ain’t a game/
For the new generation we putting CHRIST before the fame/if you turn away from sin you will never be the same/
But you gotta believe mane/ that you can make a change/do away with the bondages then releasing all the pain/
All the pain


I'mma M.O.G man I'mma play my part/walking living holy I'mma Man of God/I'mma M.O.G (what)

Where all my true worshippers at/Where all my true soldiers and soldiettes/Sinners and saints
Cause we fin to glorify my FATHER/So we gon get loosed up in here on third verse/
1-2-3 Lets Go

I’ma M.O.G repper man so you best to be the same/why you pointing your fingers it aint nobody else to blame/
Just confess if you wrong/see you don’t have to be ashamed/we was all born in sin/so man you got to understand/
That the blood of the Lamb is what we needed to expand/all through the universe we as Christians got to stand/got to stand/
And hit him high/and hit him low/now put Lucifer down in the flo/
Now hit him high/Now hit him low/now put Lucifer down in the flo/

If you a conqueror man gone and/through your hands up
If you repping for the LORD gone and/through your hands up
Now gone and say hallelujah man/ hallelujah/ hallelujah

I'mma M.O.G/I'mma M.O.G


1. Release the Chains (BMI)
2. M.O.G (BMI)

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Depending on the type of ministry is needed. If you want hype and energy or tone and mellow. Either way MINISTRY is what you will get