Public Friend

Public Friend


We play harmonious, complex, unique indie rock. Intricate rythyms, thickly layered harmony, charismatic and sonorous melody. Sometimes we sound like Don Caballero, sometimes we sound like Gang of 4 and sometimes we sound a little like Neil Young.


Tim Haley and I have been playing together for almost 14 years. We leaned how to play together. We matured as musicians together. We have played in dozens of bands together. Throughout high school we played together in aband called the Ti-om. The Ti-om played scores of shows and reccorded two full length albums. Currnetly we are making music together in a band we call Public Friend. We have been working on this project for about a year. Much of the music we play is improvisational. However Tim and I are so tightly knit that most of the improvisation sounds rehearsed. Having played together so long, Tim and I now play as if we were one musician with four arms and four legs, a horrible freak monster musician.


Self titled EP-2005

Set List

We like to play 30-40 minute sets. Generally half of the set consists of prewritten original material and the other half consists of imrpovised music.