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Public Offenders deliver "real talk" and speak from our own life experiences. We form a novel and stylistically versatile rap group that engages crowds in all types of venues and showcases. With engaging, hard-hitting tracks and intellectually gritty rhymes, we touch people from all walks of life.


PUBLIC OFFENDERS stands for Poverty United Building Love In Inner Cities Our Future For Every Nation Does Affect Reality Situations- we strive to educate and unite people with our music and words. We don't "offend" the public- only those that do not accept the truth. We have been together since high school and have very strong bonds with each other. Our shared experiences allow us to have a rare chemistry and a charismatic presence on stage. Our music addresses issues like domestic violence, police brutality and other forms of oppression. We talk about our experiences and inspire others to positive action. We mix in a variety of songs that are about all the good things in life as well. Although we are "conscious" we still have a hard edge that commands attention. We are unique in that we perform in clubs, schools, conferences, theatres and many community events. We tailor our performances to the event and often end up spending a long time speaking to the fans after the show. They always want to know not only more about us but the issues we confront. We perform at least 5 times a month and and are leaders in bringing attention to the Austin hip hop scene. Two of our members are Under21 spoken word winners as well. We are all community activists and work with youth on a regular basis. We live and breathe our music and are dedicated to making our dreams a reality.


My People

Written By: Public Offenders

I just want a better place for my people
so recognize
as we rise
we all together as equal
so read through signs, look inside yourself
humans go blind in the mind when cryin'
and you dyin' for help
which other way can we survive the game
it ain't no joke
there is more to life than makin' money and smokin'
I let my brain and my thoughts express it
but what's the use when you hopeless
and you in constant stressin'
I'm asking questions
tryna take the stress away from me
will I live or die asking why?
mama pray for me
when I touch the sky
I want the whole world to notice it
'cause I'm on the same wild religious style potent shit
so let my people free lookin' for another chance
but they ain't gonna give us that
so they got me sick and tired
so now I'm giving back
I just want a better place for me
like Moses splitting the sea
so my people are free

If I couldn't speak, I'd use sign language
or provide a vivid painting to express
exactly what my minds thinkin'
and I'm anxious to be the demise of lying gangsta's
and tell kids that life just ain't
just drugs, thugs, just waiting for fate
cuz you could do anything
look at Jesus and that is the king of all
born in a manger
you don't have to be arrested to be confined behind prison bars
our prison bars it's like Martin Luther in seminars
filling hearts is a mission and I hope it catch like kerosene
not with a lit match, receive a plaque made of elements where pharaohs sleep
here police let the gun barrel weep and won't mourn for the fam
then leave home and get buried the next morn
we born up in this crisis
you ain't a profit to America you better off being lifeless
or getting hit with the nightstick
I spit for those that can't buy shit
and Katrina victims that know how bad life get
and those my people

Somebody better call the police
tell 'em there's no peace
and there never will be
as long as the devil breathes
it's time to set it straight
we've been starving for a minute
and it's even getting harder living under section 8
they treat my people like we dumb
government cutting funds
from my little ones
while running water through our lungs
we're not equal to the sense (cents)
we're black
so we are guilty until proven innocent
it's a fact
and I know the truth
it's cruel how life treats you
and I know the rules
we all ruled by white people
if I'm right, God bless my soul
I'm gonna let you know
the most powerful person has the most self-control
so, rap for the love of God and another brother scarred
be patient and you don't have to be famous just to touch the stars
no black president yet, it's a sequel to slavery
until we equal, I do it for my people
come on

Police Brutality

Written By: Public Offenders

It's police brutality that’s what I battle, see
they wanna lock us in jail with so many casualties
looking at a different picture
here goes my time to get ya
tryna fit in your description
the whole blocks a witness
on how ya’ll niggas wicked,
so it ain’t no time to kick it
my niggas high and lifted
we heard the shots but missed it
I'm crying hopes and wishes
they tryna keep us down
as I pound and hit da ground another body is found
it ain’t safe on these streets, my feet and knees are weak
cuz there's nothing to eat ain’t got no chance to speak
kill, cage and lock us up, my homies got it rough
gonna call da doctor up, they sit and got the cuffs
a mans a swole beast because there’s no peace
running from the police caught with his old peeps
police brutality that’s what I say to that
it won’t stop cuz they paid so let me pray 2 that.

From the lightest brown to the darkest black
we under attack
want us under crack
long enough to sweep us under the map
hunt us in packs to be the cause of our annihilation
why they think they need three cars for traffic violations?
the people threaten they gang's power and lethal weapons
strike back?
they get a medal, you scheduled for lethal injections
this for every section next time I am getting harassed
I blow cigarette smoke in his face and put the bud out on his badge
go in at 18, end up 37 counting his last year in the pen
if that was policemen
he'll be out in a flash
he'll be suspended 'til they drop the charges
that is the result when hot headed cops leave a rotten carcass
Scott emptied a cartridge in Owen's face and it's messed up
show eyes is blind to the oppressor
and the judge is gonna clean his mess up
need to wake up to the smell of roses
that's reality
oppose obscene numbers of brutality
before you a casualty

handcuffs around my wrist gripped tight as a fist
pepper spray on my lips police talking like I'm a bitch
I feel violated they didn’t have the probable cause,
2 beat my ass
with night sticks slaughtered all on the walls
destructible laws
the ones that keep the system corrupted
but they blame the victims the niggas
that's statistics my cousin,
it’s a dirty game rules are made to be broken
that phrase is old as souls of dead slaves in da ocean.
so youngsta, open yo’ brain 2 what I say in this rap
sit back, smoke a sac and watch this nation collapse
but roll it fat cuz it takes time
to think wise through these eyes and that’s the main reason why they wanna mace mine
I’m face down with a foot on my spine
that’s why I’m rappin’ like I'm scrappin’ with my hood on the line
fuck jail, freedom lies in the mind
5-0 is gone kill us til the end of time
and that’s how long.

from the metal bracelets there’s hatred to see a brother make it
since its possible it shows our obstacles are getting basic
from Nat Turner and Tubman we’ve been fleeting and reading
never chose the right 2 be silent so they violent when you’re speaking
cutting lifelines with licensed crimes popping nines into our minds
brainwash our kind then lock us up to do some time
but if freedom costs a fine to see society- they boring me
slamming authority on the vocal chords of my minorities
free the majority from prison and the people will rise
from being knocked down before they see the whites of our eyes
and getting lockdown in systems where its hard to survive
letting lies end our movement until it’s hard 2 revive
I don’t wanna be another brotha who tried for most to remember me
cuz musically the revolution will take a century
it’s no wonder a court decision can drain your energy
livin' somewhere you don’t wanna be -another brotha tryna get free.


"Day Of Truth", "All Black" CDs plus many mixtapes and singles

Set List

We have many original songs and always perform "Police Brutality", "Day Of Truth", "My Life" "Victory", "So Xcited" and "Fire". We mix in spoken word and theatrical influences as well as some "lighter" songs giving our audience a one of a kind experience. We usually play about an hour long set of original music. We have unique and creative beats that draw the audience members in from the minute our show begins.