Public School Casualty

Public School Casualty

 Melbourne Beach, Florida, USA

A creative powerpop/alternative group, friends since 1st grade, talents are stage presence and unlimited song writing abilities. Known in the local scene for writing catchy hooks and witty lyrics that keep you listening and wanting more!


We're Public School Casualty from Central Florida and we love to play music. We put our hearts and souls into every lyric and note you hear in our recordings and our live show, music is what we live and breath, and we hope to do whatever we can with it. We don't really like to be categorized or put into genre's, because we have such a vast array of influences and we like to change things up, our influnces range anywhere from post hardcore to bubblegum pop to punk. We're known for writing songs that reel you in with the verse's and keep you listening with chorus's that get stuck in your head! We all have known each other since very early on and been great friends since, and about two years ago, we decided we wanted to make the music that we not only loved to play, but the music we wanted to hear. So many bands sound alike these days, and we wanted to break away from that by mixing pop synth with a more brash guitar sound with poppy melodies and hooks and everything in between. We've been working on our 2007 full-length release "Your Only Medicine" for almost 5 months now, and it's ready for release this march. We put our all into everything we've done with this band, we know what we want to do and we know that we want to do it for the rest of our lives, and hey, our fans think we're pretty good at it, so we're gonna give it our best shot, thanks for taking the time to listen to us!
-Public School Casualty



Written By: Christian Lopetz

A day later I'm
Not on the best terms
And everytime I turn around
I see another curve
So rest assured I'm
No longer alive
What you hear and what you know
Are two completely different things

Your only medicine is far beyond the pharmacy
And yet you wonder still
While are they all looking at me
It's time to ask yourself
What are you doing for you
And does your best intention
Amount up to anything true

A carwreck in itself
This love display has become
A complement on shelf
It's an artform
Don't deny it
Complete me
Mistaken for every other boy
That you know

Broken Hearts Like Broken Plans Fall Through

Written By: Christian Lopetz

Read this for me
A letter to a deadman you
Never understood what it meant to me
Meant to me
It's not now or never
It's now and forever
No other will take my place

'Cause girl you know I'm better

It's a storm that I never could survive
And I don't think
I don't think I'll make it out alive
So I break hearts
Like breaking falls from the other boys you knew
And I'm dying to gain trust in you But broken hearts like broken plans fall through

We've been back together
With no need to reconcile
But a conscious mind and
Broken heart can't find a reason why
We can never be together
But can never stay apart
It's a complement to all that I have
Written from the heart

Seasons Change (Because This Is Holding On)

Written By: Christian Lopetz

This heartache lives in me like summer
It's harder to forgive things when you
Lost all you had worked for under
False pretenses, give in and give
Let's just lose it all
'Cause this summer is for singles
But winter's where the lovers stay

We don't cling to
Everything we wanted
We're just kids
Hanging on
Let's hold hands
Because this is holding on
This is where you and me belong


Fire At Will (2006 EP)
Singles - 1. Fire At Will (Sell, Sell), 2. Devastate Kate

Your Only Medicine (2007 LP)
Singles - Not Yet Announced

Set List

We try to stray away from covers in our set, so our set usually consists of 100 percent original material, and with a repertoire of about 15 songs, our set tends to change quite frequently, with the exception of the two songs, Medicine, and Fire At Will (Sell Sell) which have grown to be crowd favorites.