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Public Speaking

Brooklyn, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2012 | INDIE

Brooklyn, New York, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2012
Band Rock Avant-garde




"Constructing Music with Jason Anthony Harris"

“The whirr of a crane, a truck blaring a warning that it’s in reverse, concrete breaking under the force of a jackhammer—for many New Yorkers, this is the incessant background noise of the city. For Harris, these sounds are the building blocks of his next composition.” - MoMA Magazine

"Hypnotic Noise Flows through the Venture Compound"

"The last performance, by New York based artist Jason Harris (known as Public Speaking), served as a strong juxtaposition. Though absent of any familiar song structure, the songs of Public Speaking were made a bit more accessible through pattern and repetition. Harris made use of an effect pedal that would record a sound he made and turn it into an endless loop. He added one loop on top of another on top of all the ones before it, building each song rather than performing it. An innocuous sound, such as Harris banging on a VHS cassette, became a small piece of a complex drum beat.
While the sound Public Speaking produced was most definitely music (even in the traditional sense) his method demonstrated that it could be little more than a collection of separate noises. Public Speaking was not the rote performance often typical of live music but instead a creative moment the audience could witness. Even with the most accessible sounds of Public Speaking, the “music” of the night was never catchy, or easy. Still, the compound filled with people looking to see where music comes from, what it’s built of, and where it may go." - ARTICULATE

"The Short List"

"New York’s Jason Anthony Harris, aka Public Speaking, creates semiabstract, densely packed soundscapes at the 5th Dimension with Microkingdom, Whoarfrost, and Andrew Bernstein." - Baltimore City Paper

"The Short List"

"New York’s Jason Anthony Harris, aka Public Speaking, creates semiabstract, densely packed soundscapes at the 5th Dimension with Microkingdom, Whoarfrost, and Andrew Bernstein." - Baltimore City Paper

"Experimental NYC: Jason Anthony Harris live at Cafe Orwell every Wednesday in August"

"If I was making a post-apocalyptic film I would cast Jason Anthony Harris. I’d put him in a cornfield.
The leading lady suffers from hallucinations. She runs through detritus, over shattered neon. The bottom drops out. The hallucinations recoil. She finds herself at the edge of a vast expanse of field.
As she weaves her way through the ghostly husks, poly-rhythmic blurbs pulse in and out. She follows the sound, the clouds pass over too quickly, Jason Anthony Harris sits amidst rotten cobs, a single soul surgically bound to a fusion of loop station, vocoder, decades of effects pedals welded together, banging his microphone into dry earth and crooning a twilight monologue. Amplified fuzz settles behind him and retorts, blistering, as a chorus of 100 looped voices swallow time. She is mesmerized.
He doesn’t see her. He continues tweaking the corn husks, banging the mic, discovering enhancements to this improvised loop, voice magnificent and morose, lost in a world of single being in performance. She kneels to catch his gaze, to no avail. The music grows frantic, the looped chorus relapses into a single, flat-lined tone. He utters something with his gently immaculate British accent but we can’t make out what he’s saying as the hallucinations have returned, violently raining antique tea cups, pieces of scone, all of it looped and oddly beautiful. Our leading lady is running, running through the cornfield, Harris’s opus tripping her, heavy, dance-worthy beats and a gritty pool of sonic potential, waiting to be tapped." - Experimental NYC [Deli Mag]

"NYC Artists on the Rise: Public Speaking Plays Bell House"

"Anyone out there who remembers those fantastic voyages Thom Yorke used to take in his vocalized trances on 'Kid A' and 'Amnesiac' will appreciate hearing the journeys Public Speaking is planning on taking you on.
This is soul music functioning as 21st century meditation. Jason Anthony Harris has taken the defining objects of our modern age, and imported hidden meaning to their status. From re-purposed kitchen utensils in 'Funny You Ask,' to the percussive cold comfort of 'Isn't Fair,' to the chilling range of the processed harmonium in album closer 'Subtraction,' Public Speaking is what happens when an artist personally realizes the sound of his environment, and puts it to use. For everyone a little tired of James Blake, come back home to Brooklyn and experience the intimate soul croon of Public Speaking, and see him when he plays at Theaterlab March 31st." - Mike Levine - The Deli Magazine


"Blanton Ravine" [CD/LP] 2013 Fabrica Records

"Line and Weight: Ambient Recordings" [Digital/Cassette] 2013 Already Dead Tapes

"Build Another Boat" [CD/LP] 2014 Floordoor Records

"Within Patterns" [Digital only] 2014 Self-released

"MOUNTAINMURALS" [Digital/Cassette] 2014 Tape Drift

"Caress, Redact" [CD/LP] 2016 Floordoor Records

"Enhanced Touch" [Digital/Cassette] 2016 Already Dead Tapes

"Grace Upon Grace" [CD/Cassette] 2017 Already Dead Tapes/Floordoor

"Six Golden Tumors" [CD] 2019 Floordoor Records 

"Songs Need People" [CD] 2021 Floordoor Records

"Songs Need Friends" [Digital only] 2021 Self-released

"Eyes Can't Stop Listening" [Digital only] Self-released 



Public Speaking is the solo project of Brooklyn sound artist and songwriter Jason Anthony Harris. He uses voice, objects, electronics, and traditional instrumentation to make soulful modern music. He balances adventurous methods with an intimate compositional aesthetic.

Harris grew up on a Christmas tree farm in central Florida, and came to New York City in 2004 to get his start in music. He formed bands ranging from indie rock to instrumental improvisational noise-rock before starting a solo career. The accompaniment of an acoustic guitar eventually expanded into pedals, keyboard, and electronics, before he abandoned the guitar in live sets completely. He improvised his performances with processed voice and found objects, interacting with the space and the audience, trying to create spontaneous moments to share in these intimate small rooms, galleries, and basements. These experiments led him back to songwriting, and equipped with new tools and approaches to sound, he took on the moniker Public Speaking in 2012.

Public Speaking has performed and toured throughout the continental U.S. His music has been featured on the Bandcamp Weekly, The Needle Drop, and in the Museum of Modern Art Magazine. He has released albums on Fabrica, Already Dead, Tape Drift, and Floordoor Records. His albums merge vocal songs with abstract noise and polyrhythmic process pieces. The instrumental collection “Within Patterns” was named one of the Top Ten Experimental Albums of 2014 by A Closer Listen. Tiny Mix Tapes compared 2016’s “Caress, Redact” to Autre Ne Veut and How to Dress Well, and called it “one of this year’s best records.“ Public Speaking has been remixed by Jeremy Bible, Ariadne, More Eaze, Heejin Jang, and more. 

Harris released “Six Golden Tumors” in 2019: a record deeply influenced by horror films and their soundtracks, biblical texts and mythologies, early Christian history, and Dante’s “Inferno.” His most recent albums “Songs Need People” and “Songs Need Friends” are comprised of songs he wrote for his Patreon subscribers about their lives during the pandemic. He is currently writing and recording new music featuring field recordings of construction during the Museum of Modern Art’s latest renovation.