Public Uproar

Public Uproar


"Berkeley style punk with just enough pop added." -PunkRockReview


Energy packed punk rock from Worcester, MA with catchy sing-a-long songs that are sure to get any crowd going. A band that lives up to their name not only on the stage, feeding off incredible crowd participation and crazy antics, but also off the stage, writing songs anyone would love to lose their voice to.

Fronted by guitarist/vocalist Pete Shilale and bassist/lead vocalist Chris Brunelle , the duo command any and all crowds joining in on the fun. Stage diving, crowd surfing and nonstop chants are extremely common at every Public Uproar show. Solid guitar leads from Mike Auclair and impressive drum lines from the veteran drummer Joe Reilly really authenticate the sound these guys are trying to produce.

To truly embrace Public Uproar, the music tells all. An energetic mix of raw punk rock mixed with crisp, raspy vocals; singing songs about how life isn't as bad as people portray. These stories about hustlers and flipping teacher's off truly depict the life of Public Uproar.


Bolted E.P. (2006)

Public Uproar s/t Full Length (2007)

Set List

Public Uproar usually performs a 30-35 minute set with 10-12 original songs and a cover usually by Operation Ivy or Pennywise. They have been know to do a cover of Tom Petty's "American Girl"