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Name: Publik Parking

Staff: Monica, lead vocals; Neiko, guitar and vocals; Tim, bass; Erik, drums.

Home Base: Flint

Sounds like: "Well, that's a tricky question...There are so many influences that it is hard to pinpoint specifics. We do get a lot of 'sounds like Lacuna Coil or the Cranberries,' says Monica. "We have a little saying, 'With strong vocals, heavy melodic guitar licks, precision drumming and a lot of bass. Publik Parking is one band that stands out from the rest."

Bio: Monica, formerly of Neon Dreams, met the guys, then a called 88 Decibels, at a jam night at the Machine Shop three years ago. The current lineup, which includes former singer of Skarrd Neiko, has been together for about two years. "Publik Parking has evolved from the classic rock band in 2003 to becoming a heavy rock alternative band focusing on all originals," Monica says. "Since then, Publik Parking has done shows with Pownd (a newly signed band), Bile, Bret Michaels of Poison, Buckcherry, Program The Dead, Loudness (on their only stop in Michigan on their world tour) and our favorite, Smile Empty Soul, to name a few national acts. We have recorded three live CDs, a demo and one video. We are currently in the studio recording."

Chicks rule: What is it like being a female singer in male-dominated style of music? Are people accepting? Is there much sexism to deal with? "Trying to 'sell' an aggressive female lead rock band is easier said than done," Monica says. "Because the majority of the acts are male fronted, the venues are more likely to hire them than a female fronted act. I feel that sometimes I have put in twice the effort to win over venues, the audience and a few of the other bands. Most of the bands treat me like one of the guys, and once in a while there might be one that only prefers to talk to the guys. Being a female does benefit a band sometimes, but when a band is starting out, it's harder that you think."

You're what?: Monica was performing while pregnant with daughter Ella, born July 12, which couldn't have been easy. "This (way) actually my second pregnancy. (With) the first one, I performed up until a week before my son (Hayden, now 2) was born," she says. She said that being pregnant did make it difficult to jump around or dance while singing and that she had to keep it to a dull sway. But that didn't hold her back from getting the emotion to the audience. Monica said breathing was more difficult than anything else."

For your ears: The group sells its CDs, DVD and other merchandise at its shows or email for more info.

On the Web: Check out the band at or - Doug Pullen-Flint Journal July 30, 2006

"Whaley Jam leads big local rock weekend"

This year's jam features performances by top local bands such as Skarrd, Freewill, Publik Parking, Litl' Miss Dangerous, After the Ashes and Gods of Tomorrow....

Doug Pullen - The Flint Journal


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"Feedback on song Yellow Sheet"

Monday, January 23, 2006

The lead singer. I like musician women, uhhhh The hair is way wicked!

I like the consistency in production. (Studio Cut) The musicianship is top notch. The drummer has extremely good chops. You have (5) members? Sounded more like three in the recording at times, especially the second song, I could have sworn there were only three instruments because of how separated the lead was from the rhythm. Not a bad sound, don't misunderstand, just insulated. "Yellow sheet" is a well thought out piece.

Production 10+.. Songwriting 10.. Musicianship 9.9 and 9/10.. Vocal 9.9 (Should be a 10, I just wanted to hear her pour it on like I know she can...) Great song, great group. Check them out today! - La Ridge-Music Forte


4 song demo, which is currently being played on Banana 101.5 FM
Kettering University radio 94.3 FM
Rockin Moms podcast
3 CDs recorded live each with 7 songs
2 Videos
Yellow Sheet on soundtrack of Full Circle Breast Cancer Awareness motorcycle ride
They are currently in the studio recording a full LP


Feeling a bit camera shy


Publik Parking is a 4 piece female-fronted band based in Flint, Michigan. The band has such a wide variety of influences from blues to heavy metal, that it is hard to specify any certain artists. The massive amounts of creativity and respect for each others visions is what keeps this band reaching every goal that they set for themselves.

Each one of their performances comes with an energetic stage presence that keeps you coming back.

They have done shows with Smile Empty Soul, Buckcherry, Program The Dead, Brett Michaels of Poison, Jocaine, Bile, Pownd and Loudness (on their 2006 world tour) to name a few.

Publik Parking is currently on a small tour designed for them called Angels of Sin. This tour features Publik Parking and 2-3 other female fronted rock bands that are local to the venue/locality. Dates for Angels of Sin are constantly updated.

Monica is the vocalist. Monica has a way of using her vocal talent and stage presence to maintain the audience's attention.

Neiko is guitar and back up vocals. Neiko brings the music to a whole new level with his vocals and his unique guitar style.

Tim is the bassist. He is a seasoned musician and founding member of Publik Parking.

Erik is the drummer. He is the backbone of the band. Erik's timing is impeccable and has the ability to blend with any song and make it rock.