Publik Parking

Publik Parking


With strong vocals, heavy melodic guitar licks, precision drumming and a lot of bass, Publik Parking is definitely one band that stands out from the rest.


Publik Parking is a 4 piece female-fronted band based in Flint, Michigan. The band has such a wide variety of influences from blues to heavy metal, that it is hard to specify any certain artists. The massive amounts of creativity and respect for each others visions is what keeps this band reaching every goal that they set for themselves.

Each one of their performances comes with an energetic stage presence that keeps you coming back.

They have done shows with Smile Empty Soul, Buckcherry, Program The Dead, Brett Michaels of Poison, Jocaine, Bile, Pownd and Loudness (on their 2006 world tour) to name a few.

Publik Parking is currently on a small tour designed for them called Angels of Sin. This tour features Publik Parking and 2-3 other female fronted rock bands that are local to the venue/locality. Dates for Angels of Sin are constantly updated.

Monica is the vocalist. Monica has a way of using her vocal talent and stage presence to maintain the audience's attention.

Neiko is guitar and back up vocals. Neiko brings the music to a whole new level with his vocals and his unique guitar style.

Tim is the bassist. He is a seasoned musician and founding member of Publik Parking.

Erik is the drummer. He is the backbone of the band. Erik's timing is impeccable and has the ability to blend with any song and make it rock.


4 song demo, which is currently being played on Banana 101.5 FM
Kettering University radio 94.3 FM
Rockin Moms podcast
3 CDs recorded live each with 7 songs
2 Videos
Yellow Sheet on soundtrack of Full Circle Breast Cancer Awareness motorcycle ride
They are currently in the studio recording a full LP

Set List

Originals include:
Alone for now
Stick around
Mic check
For once
Mess with me
I'm mean
Yellow sheet
It's ok
Satisfied with chaos
Pathetic loser
Almost over
Not a crime
Night Stalker
Lose control

20 covers that include everything from Stone Temple Pilots to Motley Crue to White Stripes and a couple of beefed up classic rock tunes.

We usually do 30-45 minute sets and can do 2-3 sets.