Pucchi Love Theme

Pucchi Love Theme

 Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA

New Breed Resurrection of Funk, PopRock


Born Sidney Tiwan Meggett, the first born of four children from his father, and an only child from his mother in Edisto Island S.C. Pucchi has been credited for keeping the funk in music alive. He has been called James Brown, Prince, Rick James and Jimi Hendrix by his peers. "I'm all those artists rolled into one," Pucchi says. His music reveals his real life experiences and other life-like experiences that others can relate to. A tall swarthy and comely musician he captivates audiences with with his soulful delivery of Funk, Pop and R&B Rhythms. He's not afraid to spill his guts on stage so you can feel the power in his music. A native of Hollywood South Carolina, Pucchi had a natural affinity for music. He was raised by his grandparents on his father's side. it was at age nine when he moved to Miami to live with his mother. At that time Pucchi began picking the guitar to "Deep Purples Smoke on the Water"

Ultimately he switched to bass as his lead instrument, simultaneously writing songs which lead to playing in local bands that played in churches local clubs and talent shows. Although music is his first career choice, Pucchi attended Miami Dade College where he studied Theatrical Arts. He earned an Associates in Science degree in Music Business Management. It was during that time he was introduced to Jerome Smith, Guitarist for local group called Oceanliners who later changed their name to KC & the Sunshine Band, during that time he assembled his band which Jerome named the "Theme Band". They later played at many local and exclusive clubs which lead to being a back-up band for singing groups "The Sensations" and The Crosswinds" Pucchi and his Theme Band also worked and perfomed as a backup band for local recording artist David Hudson, Timmy Thomas and Herman Kelly and Life.

He started WORLDBOUND Music Enterprise, a publishing company that publishes Hip Hop and R&B music. He acquire a Studio with demo and pre-production facilities. Being a perfectionist, pucchi is quoted as saying" I really do beleive in giving my all towards my music endeavors". His hard work and commitment really excited several hardening professionals in the industry "I love your style of playing and really like to be a part of your career,"says Robert"Shotgun" Johnson Drummer of KC & the Sunshine Band.

His real breakthrough came when he won a contract for best talent and became an elite member of Miami Film and Fashion board through an Atlanta based film and fashion agency. What makes Pucchi so satisfying and promises longevity is his penchant for writing fun and powerful and meaningful songs. My favorite is "Love you at the Redlight" said Joel Robinson, founder of Sugar Hill Records. Its delivering the music the people wants that matters, not the labels attached. Anyone who has witnessed his passionate delivery would agree. He is high energy and explosive,which is clearly demonstrated in his debut release titled "Comin at Ya" produced by Pucchi and long time friend producer Teddy"Guitar" Studstill. His debut CD inspires the imagination, and fires of the enthusiasm of all who listens. Remember the name "PUCCHI".....
His Music is a Force to be Reconed With!!!


Intro Theme Band

Written By: Pucchi Baby

Good Evening Ladies and Gentelmen
Worldbound Music Enterprise Proudly presents to yall this evening....
The sounds of Miami's own #1 Band
Awesome and Then some.... Motivated to do it to you out of 3 D's which are....
Dedication, Desire & Determination
oh yeah we're determined...
To funk you right on up
can yall get to that......(YEAH!!)
I say can yall get to that.... (YEAH!!)
then Put your hands together and clap then.. come on yall clap your hand one time for the ...Theme Band... The Themmmmmmme Band.....
This is for the one who said that it couldn't be done......

Luv U at the Redlyte

Written By: P. Baby, C. Johnson, J. Baer

Verse 1:

Drivin thru the city..
lookin all around..
boy those girls look so pretty
as i push my peddle down

But when i'm drivin my car.....

It doesn't matter who you are girl.. i'm gonna luv you at the redlight
but i rather luv you thru the night..
aah girl...aah girl....
Verse 2

Ridin down the highway.. catch a glimpse or two..
If you're my way.. i might fall in luv with you girl yeah....

But when I'm drivin my car...

It does'nt matter who you are girl..
I'm gonna luv you at the redlyte..
But i rather luv you thru the night...
ah girl... are girl... hell, yeah yeah



I'm not the only soul accused of hit and run..tire tracks all across your back i can see you done had your fun... but darling can't you see my signals turn from green to red and with you i can see a traffic jam... straight up ahead...

When i'm drivin my car it doesn't matter who you are girl..I'm gonna luv you at the redlyte but i rather luv you through the night..

ah girl...ah girl.... Yeah Yeah..

Vamp Chorus:

He's Here

Written By: P. Baby & Sun


you come in numbers
to feel a groove
a groove to make you
act a fool
the night is funky Pucchi is here...
come on people have no fear...

Chorus: 4X

He's here
Pucchi iz here

2nd verse

All my people wer'e havin a ball
The funk is spreadin from one to all
you wanted me here, I'm here to stay
ain't lettin no one chase me away..

Chorus Vamp:

He's here Pucchi iz here

I'm not da 1

Written By: Pucchi Baby

I am not the 1
repeat Chorus 4X

1st vs
Well I'm not the one to get funked around with all the funky things that you like to do....
You smoke the crack all day and all night and you trick with tricky ***** and you say thats right. but dont get me wrong i'm still your friend if you need help baby bubba just tell me when.. but theres one thing i gotta let you know that i'm just not down with your freaky show.. those things you do you call it fun I tried to tell you baby bubba
I'm not da 1
Repeat Chorus 4x

2nd vs
you run around town all unemployed lookin like a spaced out humanoid but once upon a time you wore a crown but look at you now you got your face in the ground. I remember when you thought you were doing so well you were sellin crack cocain to your brothers and sisters sendin them all right straight to hell never thinking once that you ould end up in the cell, you were taking over territory jackin left and right it just don't seem to be an end in sight, so many other things you could done instead well i praise the lord you didn't end up dead but i'm still your friend don't get me wrong if you need help baby bubba just tell me when but theres one thing i tried to let you know that i'm just not down with your freaky show those things you do you call it fun. i tried to tell you baby bubba i'm not the 1......
Repeat chorus 4X
Well you're workin for the government and don't even know he just wanna see how far you would go with stacking that paper piling it high and you don't give a damn about them thats dying your cash is really flowing your empires growing look at those diamonds boy are they glowing IRS wants to know where all this mony coming from Hmmmmm just why aren't getting none.. he wants his share and thats not a portion government said he gonna take all and that leaves you broke and in the gutter and now it comes down to you gotta suffer but don't get me wrong i'm stil your friend if you need me just tell me when but theres one thing I gotto let you know that i'm just not down with your freaky show those things you do you call it fun i tried to tell you baby bubba i'm not he one......

Vamp chorus


Intro Theme Band/Worldbound Music 1985
If I had You/Worldbound Music 1986
U Know/U wanna give it up/Worldbound Music 2011
Luv U atr the Redlyte/Worldbound Music T-B-A 2011
Pucchi iz Here/ Worldbound Music T-B-A 2009

Set List

Perform Originals and Covers. Set duration range from 60-75 minutes or could be 2 or 3 45 minute sets Depending on the Gig.
Cover material includes classic and standard hits from 70's, 80,s 90,s and today.