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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Show Pick of the Day: Puddin' Tang"

..."music that will make you scream in your skinny jeans."

- The Athens Blur Blogazine

"When is Puddin' Tang Time?"

"a fanboat with steamboat dignity gliding across the black shadows and moon reflections of muddy Newton Creek."
- New York Night Train


"What's Our Name?" 2007
"In The Wild" 2009



Puddin' Tang is a three-headed single-minded music machine who won't be satisfied till they create some disturbance in your mind. They are a runaway train, flying down the tracks to a little known province called Puddin'ville, picking up steam with every two minute barely-dirigible ditty. And get ready, cause they're picking up YOU too!
They've been called garage rock but are simply, though not simplistically, Rock and Rollers. Movement is paramount to this group of castaways. They don't sit still, and neither will you at one of their shows. Their primeval rhythm section pounds out the the groove like a giant flashing neon sign, "Get up!" "Get up!" it screams in rapid procession. Now shift your attention to the possessed guitarman exorcising the demons borne from the crossroads. You will easily find some comparison to all your favorite six stringed craftsmen from the past 50 years and you will be right, though not conclusive. You see, there is a little bit of magic to Puddin' Tang that you will not be able to put your finger on exactly. It's what makes them simultaneously difficult to categorize and yet supremely likeable. They make it look so easy and so fun that you won't even think twice about the deliberation which must be behind all that seemingly natural goodness. Let's not forget to at least mention the icing on the cake, on the Puddin', which are the two voices in command. Though having a good voice has never been requisite to popularity or quality, see Bob Dylan, it sure does sound good when these two sing together. Here's where the soul creeps out and the gospel tradition shines through. But of course, it's the gospel according to Puddin' Tang.

Some recent hilights from the illustrious live career of Puddin' Tang:

+ shared stages at Athen's annual Athfest in June '09 with the Black Lips and Those Darlins
+ shared bills with Chain and the Gang, Calvin Johnson, Holly Golightly, Jon Spencer, Dead Meadow, Dark Meat
+ In April '09 threw a house party of legendary proportions that saw the floor collapse a full 8 inches during Puddin' Tang's set from riotous dancing. One reveler commented that he hadn't seen the floor collapsed at a party since '95 when Jesus Lizard played. That is no small statement around these parts. Fortunately the event was filmed and will be included in an upcoming documentary about the new Athens music scene.

What else?
Puddin' Tang has a self-released LP available called "What's Our Name", and more recently a tape that they are very proud of called "In The Wild". Both were recorded by Puddin' Tang on a Tascam 8-track. The final word:
We like to do things
ourselves, but are not
opposed to others
facilitating our goals, like
recording and putting out
records, touring, and our
number one ambition of