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puff and the pillpoppers


sushi, kitch, god, sex, distortion, religion, the end of the world, wal-mart, accordions, leather, pleather, zippers, and good ol' montreal indie rock...


Simon Bergeron: Singer/Songwriter and founder of Puff and the Pillpoppers. He remains an active collaborator for a Montreal indie band called Dopamine. Before relocating to Montreal he was a member and songwriter of Futureboy, an alternative rock project based in New York.

Rob MacIsaac: Rob the drummer is the newest Pillpopper. Before relocating to Montreal he lived in Halifax, where he played in Stone Ground with noted busker Ken Falloon, in Dickstitch with NCRA-charting metal guy Steve Kokic,
and in a number of projects with Steven Slater, the ECMA-nominated mathom of the East Coast experimental music scene.

David Finch: Bass

Caroline Daigneault: Vocals. She is also an accredited Artist/painter in her own right. Some of her works were displayed in the Cegep de Valleyfield where she studied Art.

Fannie Pelchat D'Ascola: Organ. [bio to come]


AM Drive

Written By: Simon Bergeron

AM drive

As you were driving away tears
the distance kept us apart
the scenery was changing
but you were lost in your thoughts
so I stood silent, observing
as you were drowning
I stood silent
it was all I could do
Cause only a fool would make you feel this way
and only a fool would take your words and set them into stone

So keep on driving
Just keep on driving
until the seams tear apart
until there’s nothing but the both of us
flickering lights from the window
a galaxy of man made stars
Tired of keeping up with the Jones

Only a fool would make you feel this way
only a fool would take your words and set them into stone

Copyright @ SimonBergeron/Socan

Patriot Saint

Written By: Simon Bergeron

Oh my love, my countrymen
I’ve walked these streets struggling
between motel nights and unraveling roads

between the comfort of your breast in the silence of the bus depots
where the vagabonds rest and the bohemians dream

drenched in the summer heat hearing the motorcycle roar
far from it all, from the city lights, in a golden field of wheat grass, across the mighty river of hope

but what have my thoughts delivered
my actions so few, I no longer contribute
no longer do I try to
this land is yours
mine is left to discover
am I not bound
to roam?

I’ve seen violence in many places
in the bible, in congress, across the oceans
bringing ships to their knees
bringing a halt to the powers that be

crosses of the fallen
drowned in glory
in patriotic duties
preserved for history
they must have their reasons
selling peace at the cost of freedom

this land is yours
mine is left to discover
am I not bound
to roam?

and God I’ve tried, calling you out
reaching for answers
but there were none to be found
I could be wrong or right
it doesn’t really matter this time
I’m dreaming of new gods
after all
am I not bound to roam?

copyright reserved, simonbergeron/socan


Puff and the Pillpoppers, live at the missy (03/06)
The Night of the Wake (11/05)

Set List

Devil's Stride
Opium for the Little People (Part I)
Sea of Tranquility
A Part of you
Patriot Saint
Little Moment of Clarity
Celestial Transistor Radio
Taking the Ride
Opium for the Little People (Part II)
(encore(you never know))
Am Drive