Puggy's unique mix of nationalities (U.K., France, Sweden) and influences has romoved any sense of musical origin and enable them to easily captivate international crowds. Instrumentation and vocal arrangements in a pop-rock style occupy a prominent position throughout their compositions.


After over two years of international concerts, Puggy have become one of the must-see bands from Belgium's modern pop-rock scene. Back in early 2006, a demo agreement with Geffen Records followed by a private showcase with renown producer, Steve Lillywhite, also seduced by Puggy's dynamic style, encouraged the band to record their powerful new song, The Luckiest Crime.

Increasing interest from Belgian record companies due to Puggy's success abroad led to a deal with the Brussels based indie label, talkieo. This allowed Puggy to not only release Luckiest Crime single on an international basis but also to start work on but their first full album (due for release in April 2007).


Singles: Luckiest Crime, Out of Hand
EP: The Cat