Classic pop elements combined with poignant lyrics. Influenced by the golden acts of the '60's, Beatles, Beach Boys, right up to more contemporary acts such as XTC and Air. That said, Pugwash are creators, not imitators.


Pugwash is the great secret of Irish independent rock. Over the course of 3 albums Thomas Walsh has come to be critically regarded as one of Ireland's finest songwriters and Pugwash albums & gigs never fail to garner huge favour from the Irish media. That said, 2005/2006 sees Pugwash up the ante and break out from indie cultdom. A huge radio hit, It's Nice to be Nice, was for many the soundtrack of Spring 2006 and this was followed up with This Could Be Good' which was supported by TV appearances on The Late Late Show, The Views and Pop4. Pugwash has played 25 gigs since the spring and is in the process of booking an Autumn Irish tour in advance of an Autumn release of 'Jollity' in the UK.
Strong on melody and classic instrumentation, the cultured ears of producers of Walsh and Keith Farrell mine and deliver a rich luxurious sound.


2005 LP Jollity
2002 LP Amanac
1999 LP Almond Tea
2006 Single: This could be good
2005 Single: It's nice to be nice
2002 Single: Apples
1999 Single: The finer things in life

Set List

something new
black dog
keep moving on
kings & queens
nice to be nice
this could be good
finer things in life
2 wrongs
even i
i want you back in my life
home to me
anyone who asks
emily regardless

sets are 45 mins to 75 mins

covers: not often, but have done:

The Move, Beatles, Bee Gees