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New York City, New York, United States | SELF

New York City, New York, United States | SELF
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"NYC Band PUi To Make Video From Fans-Filmed Footage Of Public Stunt"

New York City band PUi is preparing a live campaign in order to be filmed for their new music video for the single “Army Of Slaves,” being re-recorded specifically for the video. The cool part is that the band is making it up to the fans to direct their music video.
PUi will perform a currently unannounced public stunt and invite fans to come and record footage to be used as the video; there will be no cameramen hired by the band. The band is said to announce the date, time and location of the event as well as some insight on the planning stages at hearseespeaknoevil.com.

PUi promo photo
Fans will be asked to show up with a camera when the information is released. The best footage submitted to PUicontact@gmail.com will be PUi’s first ever music video.
While this is not the first time a music act exploits fans by asking them to film a performance on handycams and mobile phones and then submit footage online, the approach in PUi’s campaign is pretty straight-forward and interesting. - Dottedmusic.com

"NYC Rock Band PUi Performs Video Stunt on a Rooftop in Midtown Manhattan!"

Yesterday afternoon, midtown Manhattan was taken by surprise when New York City band PUi performed a video stunt on top of a rooftop. The stunt was organized by the band in order to shoot a brand new music video for their single 'Army Of Slaves'. The concept of the video is to have the fans shoot the video, in order to capture the moment as organic as possible.

Ironically, the band performed next to an Apple Inc. billboard, a day after the passing of Steve Jobs. This was merely a coincidence, since the band had planned this video stunt for months. The members of the band were arrested after delivering the masses their unique blend of Metal, Rock, R&B, Punk, Middle Eastern motifs,and Electronica.

Here is a statement from the band:

"Yesterday we showed the world that Human Spirit is not dead. Got on top of a Billboard on top a building and blasted loud Metal all over society and got arrested for it. Thank you People Of The Moon, for being there and capturing everything. Email the footage to: puicontact@gmail.com ASAP so we can start editing. Special thanks to the NYPD for being incredibly professional and courteous. It was a pleasant surprise. One!"
- Horns up Rock

"PUi Set to headline Irving Plaza"

Tonight, New York City Rock history will be made as PUi headlines Irving Plaza. The show is NEARLY SOLD OUT, and it also features New York rockers Killcode, the great Anaka, P.T Grimm, Bound By Substance, and California's Viza. Presented by Horns Up Rocks and No Mercy Metal, the show will also act as a video release party for the band’s recently filmed video for the track "Army of Slaves", which was filmed as part of a shocking stunt in front of a surprised crowd atop a 33rd Street building at the intersection of 6th Ave and Broadway overlooking Herald Square.

PUi released an EP in January 2010 entitled, 'You Will Clap', which is available for purchase now on iTunes. The EP was recorded at Underground Studios and was produced by band members Shuva and Brian Hosey. It is mixed by Kyle Kelso and mastered by Howie Weinberg. The band plans on releasing a new full-length album within the next year, entitled Neo-Primal.
- Horns up Rock

"Piercing Metal"

“For The Gods” was a terrific track and as the opener it just brought you into the head that the band was trying to get you to be in. I couldn’t say that they reminded me of anything or anyone else and that’s a good thing since it remains unique. ”
Ken Pierce - Piercing Metal

- Piercing Metal

"PUi @ Highline Ballroom: Gypsy Metal and Washboard Abs"

“We don’t really know what PUi means or why the “U” is capitalized. But we do know that the New York-based gypsy metal warrior-lookalikes put on a really riveting show! Between a snake charming belly dancer, intimidating abs, hefty body paint, and a unique Arabic folk metal sound, it’s no surprise that the group sold out their performance at Highline Ballroom on March 18th. Dressed like they were rearing for battle, the band — who you recognize from our Top 10 Gypsy Punk. Frankly, you’ll do a lot more than clap at a PUi show. You’ll lose your sh**.”
Isabela Raygoza - MTV Iggy

- MTV Iggy


You Will Clap (EP)
released January 1, 2010

Army of Slave (Single)
released December 12, 2011

Currently recording Debut Album
to be released November 2012



PUi, or often referred to as The PUi Tribe due to the culture that has formed around the music of the band, is the pioneer of a new movement called Neo- Primal.

Neo-Primal is the emergence of a sound inspired by an idea. It is a progressive, upward motion that draws its strength from the depth of it's roots. A futuristic mind driven by a primitive heart. Tribal Drums dancing around Synthesizer Sounds fueled by aggressive guitar riffing. Ethnically diverse and emotionally intoxicating, the sound is a melodic, rhythmic texture bred from Metal, R&B, Soul, Middle Eastern motifs and Electronica.

The members of PUi are given the titles of Prince, Siren, Makina, Shaa and Tek. Current Prince and founder of The PUi Tribe is Anatolian native Nazimcan Shuva. The line-up is completed by Siren Leo, Makina Brian, Shaa Ory and Tek Tunc. This tradition aims to make The PUi Tribe a bright burning flame of expression for generations to come.

Whenever asked what "PUi" means, Prince Nazimcan Shuva, has one answer for them: "Tabula Rasa. Tabula Rasa is a blank slate. PUi is your blank slate. Look at us. We are your thoughts. We are your judgment. Our actions define the meaning of the word, after all what can describe what we are, better than what we do?"

PUi is its own definition.