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Pulse8 @ Flemingsburg Festival Grounds

Flemingsburg, Kentucky, USA

Flemingsburg, Kentucky, USA

Pulse8 @ The Madison Theatre

Covington, Kentucky, USA

Covington, Kentucky, USA

Pulse8 @ Boone Fork Kitchen

Neon, Kentucky, USA

Neon, Kentucky, USA

This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


Under My Skin
Pulse 8
Take it to the Head
Alright, this band is killer. Apparently the Cincinnati area is a
spawning ground for kick-ass metal and offers up yet another phenomenal
five piece in the ever insistent Pulse8. Yes, I mean insistent, because
this music insists that it be taken seriously. Each track rocks on it's
own merit and features some very unique touches. Track one for
instance, intros with very mellow picking, on a delay, and the vocals
start, deceptively calm. In a flash, you're finding out that what you
thought was going to be just another song is angry, and the vocalist
proves that screaming is an art as he viscously slashes away at the
lyrics, riding an angry wave of beautifully done and very tight guitars
and rhythm section. The song seems to build through the entire length,
and ends abruptly, while the screaming continues in a very haunted and
painful manner. Killer shit. It leaves you thinking, WOW, that isn't
going to be topped, but again, you find yourself gifted with the opening
of the next song, as it chants..pulsate, pulsate, pulsate, PULSATE and then slams
you back with pure unadulterated metal, that begins to show more of the
band?s main track, and that seems to be a metalcore vein. This song is
awesome, and once again, the music is skillfully played and tight, the
vocals are fast and screaming angrily, and the end of the song caught me
by surprise, with an extended scream and a sudden drop in sound like a
spaceship?s engines dying suddenly, very cool. Track three brings in
boom, baby boom boom redone in a metal vein and skillfully so, and the
final track Take it to the Head leads in with some nice guitar work,
pitch bends, and drives right into a metalcore pace of fast vocals and
heavy guitar work. Now, one thing you notice through the entire disk is
the band is very clean with their approach, it doesn't sound all muddy
and confuzzled. All in all, this is a band to watch. They don't seem
to have a problem mixing genres, or poking fun, or being angry, and
putting all of it to good use with heavy, heavy, brutality.
- My Site (MIDWESTMETAL.INFO) - http://midwestmetal.info

While there is a rawness that belies Pulse8's indie
status, there is also a heavy dose of catchiness and
groove-laden, well, pulsing, that makes them an enjoy
hardcore metal listen after all. Pushed forward by a
strong headbanging groove, Pulse8's likeable burst of
heavy anger features crunchy guitar and percussion
working in unison to keep things moving and dynamic
vocals from the front man. Dark and chunky, the music
keeps a certain thickness too easy to lose in amateur
recordings. The vocals cover a range from throaty
metal singing (like way-downtuned power metal maybe
... low not high), rougher sing snarls, screams that
border on a black metal/hardcore fusion, slight
rapcoreishness, etc. The sung side isn't as prevalent,
which is okay, because the band is more effective
hardcoring and, even, rapcoring. All told, Pulse8's
groove-driven metalcore stylings are a pleasing listen
and, I think, would translate well to the stage.
- Fishcomcollective:

There are three things that I have heard said about Pulse8 around the Cincinnati area... "They're not all that. You should hear my band", "They're okay, but my band's better", and "They may just be the saviors of the local metal scene!" Okay, that was me that said that last one, but I stand by my word! Pulse8 is one of the best blends of style found in the Cincinnati area. The vocals are aggressive, heavy, melodic, and at times, what would be described in some circles as def, phat, or mad fresh. The music can be described as just plain HEAVY. Though the quite notable guitar arrangement is original enough to stand on its own, the vocals are the definite divider between Pulse8 and others of the genre. When they take the stage, the energy level raises the crowd like a musical amphetamine. If you find this hard to believe, go to their website by clicking the banner above, and "U will Puse8!" They have a very well designed site that includes tons of features such as audio and even live video clips for your listening and viewing pleasure. Hit their guestbook and tell them that Scary Entertainment says "thank you, Pulse8, for bringing some variety to our metal!" -Jerry Roark of Scary Entertainment - from Scary Entertainment

By the way I personally quite enjoyed your music, I felt it had a lot more flow & punch than much of what is out there, so good luck. If you are interested in this or advice & consultation do give me a call & in the meantime have a read of the attachment & see if anything resonates with you. If I don't hear from you good luck & thanks for your interest." - - Stephen Cox / Stephen Cox Promotions & Management


Gemini EP - 3950 copies distributed
Pulse8 EP - 6200 copies distributed
Drop the 8-Bomb EP 5500 copies distributed
Yes all have streaming at our website http://www.uwillpulse8.com and all songs have received mass airplay.
Pulse8 is also endorsed by: Sam Ash, Intune guitar picks,zhats, dirtbag clothing, and Joesgarb shoes.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Since its birth in June of 2000, Pulse8 has been equipped to put Cincinnati music on the map. The Cincinnati five piece concentrates on heart pounding rhythms and choruses that stick with you. The band’s frontman Doug Carter, is the essence of insanity. With Screams that chill you to the bone and verses that make you move to the beat. Doug is the perfect blend for the future of vocals as they are known. Doug is backed by the dynamic duo of brothers Damon and Scott Mocahbee, who lay down the thickest and heaviest guitar tones needed to put the pulse in to Pulse8. Last, but not least by any means, are Eddie Black with his heart pounding drum beats, and Danny Campbell on bass. They hold down the concrete stonewall rhythm section that raises your feet off of the floor.Pulse8, given the chance, will definitely be a heavyweight contender in the NEW music era!!