High intensity band that leaves it all on the stage after each show. Hard working and willingness to do whatever it takes to be successful.


Since its birth in June of 2000, Pulse8 has been equipped to put Cincinnati music on the map. The Cincinnati five piece concentrates on heart pounding rhythms and choruses that stick with you. The band’s frontman Doug Carter, is the essence of insanity. With Screams that chill you to the bone and verses that make you move to the beat. Doug is the perfect blend for the future of vocals as they are known. Doug is backed by the dynamic duo of brothers Damon and Scott Mocahbee, who lay down the thickest and heaviest guitar tones needed to put the pulse in to Pulse8. Last, but not least by any means, are Eddie Black with his heart pounding drum beats, and Danny Campbell on bass. They hold down the concrete stonewall rhythm section that raises your feet off of the floor.Pulse8, given the chance, will definitely be a heavyweight contender in the NEW music era!!


Gemini EP - 3950 copies distributed
Pulse8 EP - 6200 copies distributed
Drop the 8-Bomb EP 5500 copies distributed
Yes all have streaming at our website http://www.uwillpulse8.com and all songs have received mass airplay.
Pulse8 is also endorsed by: Sam Ash, Intune guitar picks,zhats, dirtbag clothing, and Joesgarb shoes.

Set List

Our typical set list last 45 minutes to an hour and 15 minutes.
Our songs are:
Gemini, What the Hell, Raise Up Your Hands, Pulse8, Boom, Take it to the Head, Under My Skin, Drop the 8-Bomb, Slipstream King, Hammer Bitch, Nursery Rhymes, Band Van, X2Z, Devilhead, Read My Scars, Pink Door, 10 Days, Tapout, 8 Deadly sins, Rain, and Tell Me What it is.
All songs are original