Pulse Faction

Pulse Faction



Pulse Faction is a hardcore electronic project created back in 1997 by multi-instrumentalist David Brock. The award winning project is currently receiving international credits for original music featured in film and television.

"Generating Delusion"
"Cinemacbre Productions"
"Eastern Rock Crawling Championship 2003"
"Tennesse Offroad Challenge 2003"

MTV: "Road Rules"
MTV: "Real World"
MTV: "Extreme Challenge"
MTV: "Live through this" series
ESPN: "X2day" (surf/skateboard series)
ESPN: "Xtrials" (extreme sports series)
ESPN: "B3" (extreme sports)
Kissmark: "Be it"! (extreme lifestyle/sports)

Commercial release:
"Astrothrill" CD and comic book (Fluxus Records)
"The Celestial Hellgrounds" (Proletarian Records)

College Radio airplay:
QWK Rock 97.1 (Philadelphia, PA)
KXLU Rock 88.9 (Los Angeles, CA)

Showcases/Music Conferences:
M.B.S.T.I.A. showcase
Dewey Beach Musicfest showcase
Awards receipient for Best Singer and Best Musician in the Electronic/Industrial category of the nationwide 2003 Artist Undiscovered Awards.


"The Celestial Hellgrounds" Proletarian Records