Puma Frenzy

Puma Frenzy


A 4piece Pop Band that blends punk and new wave all wrapped up in tightly wound, hook laden, explosive songs.


We've been together since November 2003 and have been very rapidly building a name for ourselves in Portland, OR. We started out playing together for a one-time only benefit show that we had been invited to perform at, but the response was so great that we decided to continue. So we took residence in an old brothel turned warehouse and have been going ever since.

It has been said that we sound like Elvis Costello w/ the Attractions, the Cars, the Sex Pistols, and somebody once said the Doors, but I think they were too drunk.

The difference between us and everyone else is the songs and the manner in which we play them live. The tunes will stick in your head and you'll be glad that they did as you hum the melody while you perform you're day to day operations. Our performances are electric and exciting! You will remember us!


Puma Frenzy EP

Set List

Typical Set: 30-50 minutes
Song List:
My Reagan Years
Smear Campaign
Be My Enemy
Information (Everybody Wants)
All I Want (Is You)
Top Gear
Military Hop (This Is Not A Test)
Plasma Screen

We have covered the following songs:

"Just What I Needed" the Cars
"Gloria" Them