Drum infused music that will put the thump in your socks! Family Band with wild African drumming.


Pumptown is one of the most unique family bands you will ever hear. This band consists of 2 sisters, a brother, and dad who has invented "Drum Infused Country Sound"®. Recently back in Iowa from recording in Nashville, they offer:

-- The best of 9 years of songwriting
-- Wide variety of music
-- Specialized in African drumming and storytelling
-- Quality sound system and light show for night gigs
-- 9 years of experience playing festivals and fairs for all ages

Band members grew up in what could be considered a competitive storytelling environment. The next best way to up the stakes was to incorporate these stories into song. In 2002, Joe and Amy completed writing their first album and organized the band with sister, Mandy, and dad, Bill. A summer tour followed and it wasn't long before more albums followed. Not tied to any genre, Pumptown experimented with many instruments which led to the invention of "drum infusion". Travels around the world exposed the band to the music of many cultures and along the way, band members collected many indigenous instruments. When recording new albums, the band incorporated their new toys into their sound and shows until there was no more room in the band trailer.

The band expanded beyond concert performances. In 2007, writer's Joe and Angie took their work "Farmer Song the Musical" to the New York International Fringe Festival along with the whole Pumptown gang and 15 Iowan actors. The musical has received several awards and continues to be licensed out to other theatre troupes. www.farmersong.com

Pumptown recently celebrated the sixth anniversary of their FARMER SONG MUSIC FESTIVAL, www.farmersongfest.com. Memorial Day weekend, the band produces a music festival on their working farm near Ellston, IA. Over the years they have brought in national acts and talent from their homeland in a very real country setting. The Festival has been a hit and continues to grow.

Contact info: ahynek@gmail.com or 515-344-3308



Written By: Joe Hynek

Looked out window at 8 oclock
Counted the SUVs
pulling into the lot
Took off my helmet
and took a deep breath in
Heck of a ride today
Ha I beat em again

My bicycle goes so fast
I can jump the curbs
I can slip through cracks
I'll never pay a cent, to the D-M-V
I'm under the radar
I'm powered by me.

I biked up a mountain passed through the clouds
When I got to the top
I turned back around
I was going so fast
I passed a ford and chevy
Those drivers looked at me
like I was crazy

I ride Ragbraii in July sun
500 miles in a week
its an iron butt run
I live on pork chops
and Tender Tom Turkey
But I heard their running out
I'd better hurry

Mornings I wear work clothes
when I commute
On the mini highway
I pass this girl she's so cute
I gave her my number
and asked if I had a chance
Then she said she'd like to see me in some stretchy pants


They have released 6 albums and 1 single over the past 9 years, with their iTunes best seller, The Bicycle Song, from the album Greenspace. The band is working on a 7th album. Live shows are available on their website www.pumptown.com.

Rock Solid - Single (2012)
Reaction (2009)
Renovation (2007)
Farmer Song the Musical Soundtrack (2006)
Greenspace (2006)
Playing Around (2004)
Pumptown (2003)

Set List

1. Ka Ma Te
2. Girls Like Bacon
3. Deep Blue Sea
4. Dancing in the Puddles
5. Watch Over Me
6. Keep it Real
7. Wild Rose
8. Happy Day
9. She's Got a Cat
10. Rain
11. Body Heat
12. Colors
13. Walmart
14. Bicycle
15. Free Camping
16. Eyakee