The name Pumuky hides the personality of Jaír Ramírez (1980-Icod de los Vinos, Tenerife), an eager, patient kid who for years has barricaded himself in his room in search of melodies to soothe his spirit. With time, his talent was joined by a group of musicians and friends (among others, his brother Noé and the restless David Giménez) who are helping him pursue his dream.
His first moniker was “Alex Kid en el país de las tormentas” who gained him some recognition in 2002 in radio shows such as 'Diario pop' (RNE 3), 'Viaje a los sueños polares', or 'Toxicosmos', and positive reviews in music magazines such as the prestigious Rockdelux. At the end of that year he was awarded with 3 prizes from the radio show 'Contrapunto' (one of the most important in the Canary Islands).
In 2003 it was time for the metamorphosis: Alex Kid became Pumuky in a non-traumatic change which meant the ultimate impulse to a career which mantains the same principles: melancholic acoustic landscapes, musical romanticism and a bit of flirting with machines… again, a string of small successes: best demo of 2003 (Disco Grande, RNE 3), great reviews of his demo (Rockdelux) and supporting act for artists such as Patrick Wolf, Matt Elliot or Sr. Chinarro.
He finally managed to release his first album at the begininning of 2006 ("De viaje al país de las tormentas", Federación de Universos Pop), licensed by Elefant Records. The LP, recorded on the move and on old instruments and a laptop, it features folkie sounds blended with homemade electronica, and lyrics which are simple but moving. After touring the album across Spain and getting rave reviews, Jaír shut himself away to write songs for his following album. Lejos Discos, a prestigious Galician label, released “Los Exploradores Perdidos” in 2007, recorded with the help of Pedro Cantudo (Jubilee, Limousine), who gave the record an analog, vital sound which was at the same time frail, intimate and intense. People like David Cordero (Úrsula) or Abraham Boba (Limbo Starr) took part in the recording. Again, both fans and critics agreed and considered it one of the best records of 2007. We had to wait until 2008, but finally the paths of Pumuky and Jabalina have met...


"De viaje al país de las tormentas" LP (Discos FUP/Elefant Records 2006)

"Los exploradores perdidos" EP (Lejos Discos 2007)

"El bosque en llamas" LP (Jabalina Música 2009)