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21st of May

Written By: Susan E Black

Five weeks have come and gone..
Lifes funny that way
Seems just yesterday we were gossiping-eating-passing time away
Doesn't seem very fair
You've up and gone forever onto a heavenly plane
*No more sufferin' no more pain-you are thought of every day
I sit around thining of things you'd say..talkin' 'bout the kids, babies, men and work that day..
Now your gone, painless, happy and free..
I'm so happy for you, what can i do?! they say time will heal all pain
*No more suffering, no more pain..
You are thought of every day
Angel on earth friends could say, you offered them food and a place to stay..
Fieve weeks have come and gone..Lifes sure funny that way..
*No more sufferin' , no more pain..
You are thought of every day
I stop by time to time..a plot of grass..rusty 'ol bench helping me find my way..
Never had a house now it's nothing but luch green place for you to stay
Five weeks have come and gone..we'll miss you every day..not much more to say..life's funny that way..
*No more sufferin', no more pain..You are thought of every day....