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"Christopher Ewing on PunchFunkLove"

"I receive thousands and thousands of submissions for airplay from all over the world, and I chose PunchFunkLove from all of those submissions because I feel that they are one of the BEST independent artists out there right now" - Christopher Ewing, Metro Media Group, Inc.

"Our Stage Editors Pick; April 2011 - PunchFunkLove"

"PFL is Rage Against the Machine meets The Roots with mind blowing energy." - Our Stage

"MusicXray on PunchFunkLove"

"The current music scene is pretty stale with the 'Majors' all running around regurgitating old music with pretty new faces who will all be forgotten in a few months time. PunchFunkLove has potential and their track "James Brown" was different and refreshing." - MusicXray


PunchFunkLove EP; November 25, 2010.



PunchFunkLove is 4 piece Hip-Hop/Rock band from Queens, the borough of New York from which some of the greatest players in the industry such as Nas, Mobb Deep, A Tribe Called Quest, Run-DMC, Rakim, Eric B, and 50 Cent all hail from.
It has been well-documented that one of Punchfunklove's greatest strengths is their live show; which never fails to bring that mind-blowing energy reminiscent of bands like Rage Against the Machine and The Roots. Complimenting this energy, Punchfunklove's music creates that uncontrollable sensation that just makes you want to break out and dance similar to that feeling you have longed for and embrace every time you listen to bands like Sublime and The Red Hot Chili Peppers. After listening to their debut EP and seeing them live in full force, this band will make you feel like real hip-hop and true rock music are still very much alive, and well.
PFL has been given the opportunities to rock out at some of Long Island's finest venues regularly and have made drunken bar crowds all over Queens and New York City go wild every time they hit the stage. They have created a noteworthy buzz and fanbase not only in New York, but across the US as well. When they went on their first tour in August 2010, the band traveled all over the east coast and mid United States on the first leg of "The Sea Turns Black Tour" in support of their self-titled EP. They have been fortunate enough to have opened up for many big names in the industry such as Havoc of the infamous Mobb Deep, Saigon, Bizzare of D12, Badfish, Happybodyslowbrain (ex-Taking Back Sunday), the legendary Immortal Technique, Joe Budden, Diabolic, and many more.
If you miss real music or even feel like "all the good music has already been written", give Punchfunklove a listen and let them change your outlook on music.
Booking & all other professional inquiries - punchfunklove@gmail.com