Punchline has been compared to bands such as: Jimmy Eat World, Ben Folds and The Beatles.


Pop-punk gets a bad rap from critics for being trite, uncreative, and a litany of other
unmentionables. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania's Punchline shatter that mold and offer
much more than the expected diet of pixie stick choruses and jawbreaking three-chord
guitar riffs. Singer and guitarist Steve Soboslai, bassist Chris Fafalios, drummer P.J.
Caruso, and second guitarist Jon Belan are four friends from high school; no major label
or management company assembled this rock outfit. Since the band started in 1997,
Punchline have sold over 100,000 albums worldwide and toured in six countries. Belan,
the newest member of the band, doubles as the pianist for the band, adding a new
dimension to Punchline's sound. He joined after the release of their last album, 37
Everywhere. "Jon's piano skills have helped us be just what we want to be," Soboslai

After three releases on Fueled by Ramen, Punchline was ready to try something new.
Soboslai remarks, “We ran our course with Fueled By Ramen. As a band, we saw an
opportunity to explore unmarked territory and we took it.” Punchline was able to self-
finance their newest record, Just Say Yes, after winning a $25,000 grand prize from a
video contest through Heavy.com. They won by a landslide. According to the press
release announcing the winner, Punchline's band-posted videos were viewed over
1,100,000 times in four months. "We owe it all to our hardcore fans - they will do
anything for us, and it's incredible."

Channeling their fan support and anything-is-possible attitude, Punchline turned to
Jamie Woolford (Hit the Lights, The Format) and Sean O'Keefe (Fall Out Boy,
Hawthorne Heights, Plain White T's) to produce Just Say Yes. Woolford produced the
more rock songs on the record while O'Keefe handled what the band calls the more
eclectic songs. O’Keefe’s excitement about Punchline’s new direction reaffirmed the
band’s belief that this path was worth further exploring. They started their own label,
Modern Short Stories, to release Just Say Yes. "This album is better in every aspect
and I credit that to it being on our own terms."

"I believe that every song is a short story that varies in how well it is told," he remarks.
“Just Say Yes is a story with a matching soundtrack.” The diverse brushstrokes on this
album feature some sharp pop leanings that will initially throw longtime fans for a loop.
With guest vocals from producer Jamie Woolford, "Somewhere in the Dark" is the result
of a one-night stand between Ben Folds and Fountains of Wayne; meanwhile, the
shamelessly-titled "The Hit" rocks as hard as anything the band has ever done. "Maybe
I'm Wrong" is "gaining the power to bring things back from your dreams, like a pine cone
or a person" explains Soboslai. The laid-back tempo of the song helps paint a vivid
soundscape. From the O'Keefe-produced songs, the album closer, "Castaway," is an
ethereal ballad eloquently described as "the best Punchline song ever written."

With the release of Punchline's fourth full-length album, Just Say Yes, the vocalist
states, "This is what we were meant to do. After being together for ten years, we’ve
finally conquered the struggle between man and guitar. It feels exactly as it should – just
perfect.” Just Say Yes is full of surprises that reveal Punchline's venture down a new
path. They've lost none of the pop-punk appeal their fans love but have gained a
renewed sense of direction, refined their songwriting, and have put out easily the most
eclectic and creative album of their career.
At the end of the day, the past, present, and future of Punchline is certainly a story that
needs to be told.


Major Motion Picture LP
2001 Self Released

Rewind EP
2003 Fueled By Ramen

Action LP
2004 Fueled By Ramen

37 Everywhere LP
2006 Fueled By Ramen

Just Say Yes LP
2008 Modern Short Stories

Set List

Punchline's set varies.