Riverside, California, USA
BandHip HopSinger/Songwriter

i am a headstrung very optimistic,versatile rapper who has many different types of raps.every song i do everyon e loves because they are real,relating and honest songs that i write on my own.punchlinequeen is very talented and music is my life.i am a punchline rapper even though my name is punchline


my music is very real,it describes my life and what i been through.also people can relate to my music because theyve been in my shoes.i do rap about everyday life average things like money,cars,clothes,relationships,men,women,drugs,etc but i always keep it real.this is why people can and will buy my music.my influences is keyshia cole,lil kim,nicki minaj,jayz,lil wayne,god above all,my family,and close friends,but mostly my fans.what sets me apart from all other bands is im unique and real and i represent me so all the real people out there can relate.my story is about me,my life,what ive always wanted to do and achieve,my goals and dreams,my family,friends,fans,kids,the world,etc.i make my music to were its true and all will believe.i have been rapping since the age of 12 and shell follow my dreams in rapping til the death of me.


i am working on my 1st mixtape called the streets will listen.the single is hot and i am working on airplay as we speak.i am performing everywere and have my songs on many websites.i am going strong for my dream,the dream i have had since the age of 12 in rapping.