punish yourself

punish yourself


Industrial glam madness, cyberpunk debauchery, shock-humour - the one and only glow-in-the-dark band voodoo-rock act in the world. Sexy, scary, and wild as hell ! Just search for "punish yourself" on Youtube, you'll understand...


Punish Yourself have been touring Europe with their neon-light lit bodypaint show for ten years now, slowly building a strong fanbase, especially in the french cultural area (France, Belgium, Switzerland). After 6 studio albums, they are often compared to Ministry, Atari Teenage Riot or Nine Inch Nails, but their music actually owes much more to “ B-Series ” bands like White Zombie, The Cramps or The Lords Of Acid, or electronic ancestors like Skinny Puppy or Front 242 (Jean Luc Demeyer, F242’s frontman, has been joining Punish Yourself onstage quite often in 2006 and 2007). Their heavily electronic-clad sonic violence always interlaces with humour and subcultural imagery (zombies, cyber-voodoo ande fetish werewolves from mars !). Ultra-heavy dance beats, ultra-heavy guitars, and a real sense of decadent fun : this is the band most kids dream of. But PY’s audience is much larger than the average teenage crowd... Goths, metalheads, rivetheads, punkrockers, gay activists and glam lovers mix easily in this audience.


Cult Movie (album) (2007)
Gore Baby Gore (album) (2006)
The Voodoo Gun Night (live DVD) (2006
Crypt 1996-2002 (2005)
Sexplosive Locomotive (album) (2004)
Behind The City Lights (live album) (2003)
Disco Flesh Warp 99 (album) (2001)
Feuer Tanz System (album) (1998)

Set List

A typical Punish Yourself set lasts from 50 to 75 minutes.