We play orginal punk rockin' Chicgo blues! We go back to the raw roots of the blues and punk, and then combine the basic elements into a new sound that rocks!


We were The Iowa Mountain Tour when we first debuted in 2000.
At that time we were filmed for the acclaimed PBS documentary "Off The Charts The Song Poem Story". We were content with that name for awhile, until we found ourselves labeled by the film, and so decided to change things. For a few years we experimented with our sound and tried several names. In 2007 we did songs for a comedic horror film "Puppy" starring Calico Cooper, daughter of rock legend, Alice Cooper. Among our songs for that film was "Mojo Bone" which featured a new sound. We were happier with the new sound and invented a new image, but still needed a new name. In 2007 we produced a short twelve minute art film named "Punk'N". The name immediately was linked to the band.
We have mostly performed in Chicago, where we have created a following, but we have also performed in Iowa.


Discography, and/or Credentials
2003 - "Off The Charts The Song Poem Story"
acclaimed PBS documentary.
Starring roles.

2005 - "Chica-Go-Go" cable access dance show in Chicago.
Featured band appearance

2007 - 45 RPM Split vinyl of MOJO BONE single on Ball Records

2007 - "Puppy" comedic horror film starring Calico Cooper.
Songs and music video.

2007 - "Punk'N" twelve minute "acid-trip-art-film".
Starring roles.

2008 - "Song Poems Wanted" Chicago Musical
Contributed feature song "Aliens Stole My Dog"

Set List

Our typical set starts with Mojo Bone, and runs through an original set of songs. We usually do one set that lasts between 30 and 40 minutes. We do not do covers.